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Low Price Fidget Cube ress, immediately desperate Kuang Yong up, Leng Qiu s several staff, sitting in the position, without a word, the air was filled with an burning smell. Motioned fidget cube aliexpress them to calm down, do not care. By the way they go to the Treasury to take the new machine over, the strength of the other is definitely not a small glimpse. A small fire, mobilize some people assigned to the cold autumn of the team.Other people, into the defensive state, interfere with their tasks as usual.But in due course can counterattack.Remember, not allowed to fight. The next time, the other did not give a first soldier. But we are still vigilant, did not do the slightest relaxation. The second chapter twenty ninth chapter challenge eight It seems the other side becomes smart, the IP address of the real camouflage. Jian Chen side said, while not hitting the hands of the keyboard. An hour past no movement Two hours in the past no movement Three hours in the past no movement Small fire seems to have a little patience, where clamor This damn guy, how does not appear, so I wait until when, NND Wait a minute to find it, play even his mother do not recognize it Still, there is still no waves of silence, I can feel a kind of potential crisis is spreading to us, but can not find out what is the reason. We are careful I think they are.hapter twenty ninth chapter These two days, I did not go out, but has been in the room to observe the opposite building. I have to get to the president of the fingerprint as soon as possible, otherwise the father of their safety will be threatened these days, the blue eye are in contact with me, of course, is the hand laptop contact also understand To the parents now okay, but if not completed within three days, then it can not be guaranteed. But I have been observing the two days is not found that damn president. I started a bit impatient, but then it will recover, continue to monitor, after all, the more impatient the probability of completion will be less. low price fidget cube On the third day, the night did not sleep I continue to watch in the window next to the time, a very luxurious brand name sports car into my line of sight. At the same time a familiar silhouette greeted my eyes, yes Is he, and finally wait, and I was right in the hands of the blue eye that day to me the photo, I am a bit excited. Strong spirit, continue to observe, I guess his office should be at the top level there, this is my intuition only, not why. Just a feeling. But I have great confidence in this feeling. Sometimes it can save you a life in the most critical moment. Until the goal into the building after disappearing in my sight, I came back, called a s.

station on this quiet road. The old man gave me the task really is not an easy, it seems this fidget cube shop kid a little tricky. I slowly from the back not far from an alley to come out, cold staring at my Yang Song carrying my song. I can feel the kind of fanatical, computer obsessed kind of obsession that comes out of him. He slowly turned around, a pair of sharp eyes without fear of staring at me, did not avoid the look. Well, who sent you Why did you watch me You have done, you should know. I guess, the old man must think he was offended, so I asked him to monitor him, so it moved as a tentative sentence. Well He looked a bit surprised, but then immediately resumed, You know what I did not care for him, Gu Zizhao direction of the school. While walking to the side of the small stone kicking feet, it seems to have started in the network this piece. Hey, you kicked me A silvery voice came, interrupting my thoughts. is her That girl sitting next to me, how could such a coincidence For a time the brain fan of a trace of absurd ideas, but then I was immediately erased, because my mind low price fidget cube is hidden in another one I miss the most girls in the figure. Reason told me not to have that idea. Smile a bit to move forward, met with a few faces like low price fidget cube a girl low price fidget cube is not that I am bothering, or I fidget cube fake Shen Hui is not their own imagination so miss, hi H.very low key, perhaps from the old man to help me a bar That middle aged man though I can see that I do this intentionally, but there is no way. But these days, and I always make life difficult low price fidget cube for me, but it is a character and I have the same personality as a teenager. Perhaps called him a little too close to the juvenile, especially those eyes, when I and he intentionally or unintentionally on the time, an ice like feeling can not help but let my heart trembled a bit. Through some of the students to inquire, I know he called Zhang Yun, usually do not like to speak, it is an eccentric, and eccentric, here has been three years, when he meditation , that is, he was a person When alone. No one knew what he was thinking, only know that everyone here is afraid of him, because his unparalleled technology, here can be called the boss. But because of his compelling momentum is always difficult to get close to him, so also behind him to take a cold killer nickname, which seems to meet his indifference and that body can be called killer Technology. But from, I also know their nickname, of course, they take the. Seems to be called depression Although not very nice, but used to it will feel nothing. Also with them. Here are all learning and computer related knowledge, including the necessary hackers OR Hongke some of the thin., including your parents in which, but it is also confidential and whenever they perform the task, Even the National Security Bureau do not know what the task, location, time, etc. It can be seen how the degree of secrecy of their secrets and their outstanding skills is the dream of each agent, but also we aspire to, because the National dozen The elite of the hundreds of millions of people carefully selected, coupled with inhuman training, deserved a powerful force that, when you were in jail that year, your fidget cube discount code parents threatened America in the name of the whole of China Government, which allows you to commutation, and arrange your home and the United States there to monitor your gang FBI is your parents come and go compromise their last task is not as difficult as imagined, after all, they are not Superman So it will be caught, and injured Only leads you to steal computer viruses to exchange parents events. Hey The old man said here, sighed. I just said from the old man s words wake up, shocked Leng, his eyes looked a bit sluggish, obviously I have not awakened from the old man said. Said a cry, then go back. Sluggishly sitting on the sofa, his eyes looking at the front of a void, do not know what to think The second volume low price fidget cube of Chapter XI of my first opponent on Not a big room, a small laptop is making a.

Low Price Fidget Cube for a time both sides of the people are shocked in there. Just look at me that woman seems to have been me overawed, and gave a strange vision Well, no trouble We go Gang ruffian actually obediently with her back to the door after the walk go with. After my side, the woman with a very complex eyes looked at me will pass by, that a few ruffian gave me a few angry eyes, seems to be warning me The shacks did not care for them. The so called eye is not low price fidget cube static. But I just really angry, from small to large I rarely had gas, usually for loopholes in the search system or some other things on the troubled only. They really are too much, from small to large I have never been so wronged, as a hacker I have always been revenge, but this is only limited to the network. In real life, I was helpless This may be my only Achilles heel I picked up the books that fell to the ground, the original new book, but now it becomes dirty, I slowly picked up, the heart is vowed to avenge, holding the book slowly walked to a seat on the corner seat under. His face is very low price fidget cube calm, very calm but the heart is very angry Hey Just now they are really too much, you all right A rationale for a small head of the boys came over the road. Although I do not want to ignore him, but still schematically nodded. The boys will not say anything, said My name is.suspect he is just one of the darkest organizations. Hear here, everyone is a deep breath. At this point, while a thorn child s voice interrupted the dull atmosphere, the crowd cut this for the meal, then recover, immediately went to their respective computers, staring at the screen. It seems the boss said yes, he really wants to invade the door of the central computer database and then enter the National Security Bureau of the network system, theft of information. Lengqiu side detail, while constantly tapping the keyboard. Boss, they are trying to invade our system, although it is not successful, but the boss, I worry I interrupted his words Do not be nervous, start the A level defense, followed by me. National Security Bureau, the Secretary s Office. Head of good Two silence of the voice sounded this little room. Well, is the information you want to. In addition, I have something to say to you. An old man over fifty years, said Su Jing, while handed a portfolio. Middle aged couples took the bag, sitting back to the original location. Please, head of the command, the two said in unison. Be sure to bring the stolen material back. Yes, the head, we must complete the task Well, look at you, you can go back first. Look at the two men left, over half of the old man long spit breath, muttered authentic, I may be fidget cube online buy re.



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