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Fidget Cube Uk on no old man this central computer database strict. But I am confident that I can go The second volume of Chapter XIV rival This time the practice really played an effect, did not have any effort to have already entered the National Security Bureau of the central computer But I believe that within half an hour, they will find their computer was invaded, and have to quickly find the thief steal information The reason that the intruder is stealing information thief, because my intuition, because fidget cube uk if you want to destroy or any other purpose, then it will not be a stand alone operation, because I believe that to destroy a national network system, there is no More than 10 people together is definitely not a master of success. At the beginning of the discovery of the invasion of the central computer database, from a variety of indications I believe is a single intrusion, that is, a person invades the National Security Bureau Central Computer Database.If it is to make trouble, I see hackers It will not be stupid to take their lives to joke it So I dare to conclude that those who are to steal information Since it is to steal information from the National Security Bureau, it seems not confidential information, he is not going to touch, then immediately into the confidential database. Scan with my special scanning progr.proar, the target of how we prepared. On the other hand, if we now talk to people over there are world class hacking organizations to attack, so that they quickly do a good job of preparedness. Will they believe it Maybe we will be as a rumor, in turn, to deal with us. Even if they believe, but time enough Today is the eighth, only two days, no time. So we win this little chance of winning. I find more and more cold autumn this person is not simple. Calm, this is his biggest advantage, and I also have more than ah small fire would like to distinguish, but I drink and said do not quarrel, cold autumn official fidget cube analysis is right, and I thought the same as before. Like the previous thought Small fire chanting, suddenly a flash of excitement Road, That boss you are not thinking about right now Tell us quickly. Now we have to do everything ready, too far abroad, we interfere in less than the domestic first on the first good defense, and I wait for the old man called the National Security Council arrangements, told him to inform some well known large domestic companies, Called them to prepare for the defense, the National Security Bureau to come forward to act the old man should be no problem. Then I want you and the Red Union who with the time, I will pass some of the dark organization of the message to you, and their ta.

le. Yang song, male, eighteen years old, in the previous year with outstanding achievements into the famous university, his quiet, parents are judicial staff, family background general. Specialty Computer. For Yang Ge, I can only understand these. This task is only to monitor Yang song, for me, but not so easy. Every day to be careful to pay attention to every move Yang song, but also not to make people fidget cube uk aware of their own, really kind of like thieves feel. As for the students I can transfer to the well known colleges and universities to the reasons I did not mention, and usually in the class is also a reticent person, can be described as Yang Song second. But over time we will also no how to focus on me. And I am happy to leisurely. A week down, in addition to his eating and drinking Lazard, I also generally find out his details, but as part of the network I still do not have the opportunity to start, it seems to have to think of a way Caixing. Afternoon after school, I was finished packing the things on the desk, to keep up with Yang in front of the song. But I did not expect that, in the face of the turn but hit a figure. The exact point should be hit a girl. Then the girl in the hands of the book scattered in one place, watching the eyes gradually gone away Yangge, and then look at the front of the girl I was kn.he life of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, there is sweet memory, or honey or astringent hope. I would like to ask yourself this time their feelings are sweet Is the acid Is bitter Is spicy In fact, even I do not know. Since childhood I like to drink my father to the kind of bitter coffee. I do not like to add any impurities in the coffee, so I like to drink a single bitter coffee. In fact, I Actually I two people at the same time. The atmosphere and into a brief silence. You speak first I began. No, you better start I want to say, if you re all right, I want to go back. I do not want to stay here for more time, because my intuition tells me, do not leave, I will forever lost in this Coffee in the emotional world, but more do not want to have more disputes with her. She did not speak, but I have got up and wanted to leave. I know that if she and she continue to do so, I may reveal their identity. But also lost themselves. Wait She cried. I stopped, did not turn around. I know you love each other with each other, but I still want to say my heart fidget cube unilad because if I do not say so, maybe I will not have the fidget cube uk opportunity to say, because tomorrow I want to transfer to a university in the South to study. Maybe I will not be back Today is my next day here. She stopped, took a deep breath and continued, In fact, I drink, but as long as enough thick enough I like, with a small spoon slowly stirring in the cup. A faint coffee fragrance filled the fidget cube uk room, I always think that coffee is a fragrant is not inferior to the taste of flowers. But also refreshing the ergonomics. This is my idea, but I think the other person is almost like it The plane finally landed, put down the cup, I slowly stamp out of the cabin, at this time, I seem to see what turned to look at that position, Li Long is a look of disdain looked at me, skin laughing face hanging With a trace of false smile. I saw really feel a little nausea, head out of the machine. New York is indeed worthy of the largest and most prosperous cities in the United States, but I do not have time to take a closer look at the city, and a heart already in front of this strange man attracted. Not the width of the shoulder, accompanied by goes on the ordinary can no longer ordinary face, a black windbreaker hanging on the body, fidget cube uk vaguely able to see his thin body. But not to attract this point, his eyes, a pair of people can send people feel the breath of cold eyes. I see, is blue, right Is blue, I did not wrong. At this point he just looked at me, no The exact point should be staring at me, because I confront him for two minutes, and his eyes blink did not blink. There is no empty watch.

Fidget Cube Uk an over seventy years old man, saw the situation, hurriedly ran up, propped her Then the disease has made it Then she picked up the door out. Hospital emergency room door, an old man is anxiously stamp this step, when a nurse came out from the emergency room Who is the chapter Shen Hui s family I am, I am How she The old man looked very nervous. Oh She is now out of danger, but also need to stay in hospital observation. With me to the side to pay. The tone of the nurses looked very arrogant, but now is bent over people, the old man no way, with her Of the back slowly away. Old man, you are the chapter Shen Hui s family, I would like to ask, she was not often heart pain But it will be a day or two before her birthday sudden attack, which seems to have been customary, and tonight I just want to go to her room to call her to take medicine, but medicine just finished , But also at this time attack.Doctor, she is not suffering from what disease Her heart is fragile now, fidget cube uk but it will not die soon, but I think her life may be only three fidget cube uk months. The old man listened, startled He could not think of things that will fidget cube uk even play to this situation, in the end is not their own sin Or deliberately arranged the Bureau of God He did not know, he did not know anything, two lines of old tears have quietly fidget cube uk fall. The next day, Shen Hui.ook forward to your coming Hope An impossible promise Until the dawn to pay all And my heart The rest of the body alone sing for the soul to write the lament On the 9th. As usual, I turn on the computer, search the network about the BLACK company produced that kind of software that comes with the strange virus, the relevant information. But it is also very few, at most, some hackers forum has been mentioned only for me no use. It also needs to personally experience the virus to see the weird. Intuition told me that they come up with this virus is not to attract our attention, is likely to use this virus to carry out the destruction, so as to achieve their threatened outbreak of the world economic crisis. I do not know the dark. But from the first time they played against, I can feel, if they did not ninety nine percent of the success rate, they will not rush shot, so I have to play that one percent failure rate, To complete this impossible task. The phone rings. Boss, we are ready. Is the voice of a small fire. Well. I looked at the time, is nine in the morning, almost ready to be prepared. You are now ready, I will wait a moment will pass you a copy of the information is on a strange virus information, and I will be passing a copy of the virus to you, in order to facilitate research. We ll let you know if you have.



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