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Fidget Cube Twitter computers have been infected, but it The harm is not great, but very first hand to steal computer information, no matter how confidential documents once infected by this virus, it will be stolen. In addition, another surprise is that this virus in a variety of anti virus software, under the filter, has not yet been eliminated, but more and more rapid transmission of infection up. It can be said that this is an invincible virus. Cold autumn in the side of the road.I increasingly find, cold autumn thinking ability and analysis ability is not their imagination so simple, I think in the future he will become a very powerful person.I think at the same time I also Very glad that they can have such a good friend, good brother. The virus can really be said to be a genius Jian Chen said. I always kind of inexplicable feeling, as if this is just a beginning, and I think the other side seems to be coming to us. Lengqiu lightly said, tone full of disdain look and a touch of excitement to accept the meaning of challenge. Looked at the server s infection level, has reached 80 percent, has no possibility of recovery, even if you come up with how to eliminate the virus, I think the virus infection rate, the server has long been wasted. Immediately format the server, and then reinstall. I made the decisive way. After a moment, l.asked the old man came running. Nothing. Tone with deep frustration and regret, there is a trace of a strong anger. In the end what happened I have just read the ward to Xiaohui, she in the end how You d talk. The old man seems excited than I am. Let me be quiet, I said indifferently. The old man. what s up Can you lend me a gun What do you want the gun to do I m useful Is not and Shen Hui have a relationship The old man a mention of the spirit, then nervous, and the firearms, that Xiaohui must be fierce and less. Do not say, you get the gun to borrow me. If completed, then left Sitting on that long lost hillside, and the head of the breeze, I know what they can not do now, can only be fidget cube twitter alone in this depression. Cigarette butts burned my hand, I felt that the original one is lit cigarette will have an end. Although in their own happy time, lonely, happy time or when it is lost accompanied by it. The phone rings. Hey My voice was a bit bleak. How, a person in the smoke boring smoke ah How to overcome the dark tissue is not happy The voice seems a bit familiar to each other, but who can not remember. who are you I hope for your coming in the night hope for impossible promises until the dawn to pay for all and the remnant of my heart alone sing for the soul to write the lament You are the mysterious person I was surp.

rnational community is also very familiar with the dark, of course, believe that since they say, they must do it. The US government has ordered that this matter must be suppressed, the remnants of the dark tissue together to eradicate, yesterday by a number of countries to form a special organization to deal with the dark anti terrorism group code named KEEPER , and they hope We are able to represent China. Responsible for Southeast Asia. Why are we in charge of Southeast Asia Can not take charge of other areas, I wonder. Because this action is the United States to co ordinate the overall situation and KEEPER is also fidget cube twitter set up by us. fidget cube twitter Originally, we think that China s anti hacking technology is far behind the United States, and later found that Black Sword Organization has even better than dark Organization, so this time we very much hope that China can join the action. The half breeder interface Road. There is no lack of arrogance in the tone of meaning. The dark organization in the dark we in the Ming, such as the United States is simply ready to do this style hamstring. I think when they called the partition defense to do to beg for mercy, put those who were detained dark organization staff. The old man, I do not want to participate in KEEPER.I still have something, the other next time to speak.And go. I walked ba.n the dark in the next, it is clear disadvantage, and their goal is to capture the dark members of the organization, if not pay, then I see the world Some well known stock market companies to face economic crisis, and things not only that, more likely to cause disputes around the world, chaos caused by war So now we have to deal with the dark organization they must be arrested from the start of these people can be said that this approach is just a gamble, and now I am the only bargaining chip, if lost, maybe I could not turn over again. But do not gamble, win less than half. So this time I will win. I am a bit less believe, sitting next to me this face Hu face unruly middle aged man is actually a dark organization is an important figure, but also a very powerful hacker But people can not be appearance. You are the messenger of fidget cube twitter Diablo I asked straight to the point. Well, who are you He did not seem to care fidget cube twitter about his condition in the prison, arrogantly back. I am who you do not have to know, but I want to ask you a few questions, I hope you can tell the truth. I and he looked straight, without the slightest retreat mean, middle aged people seem surprised at the front of the boy s not ordinary. And his office must not be small, to privately examine a prisoner of the death penalty, the identity of nature is no.phere, all in an instant feeling, absolutely can not be used in a few words can speak clear. Well Ha ha Really good The old man said, laughing, laughed loudly, without any restraint, see, he was very happy. Although I did not like the old man laughed, but the heart is also very happy. The old man I want to start again Help me arrange Laughter stopped, I said. The old man nodded approvingly and looked at me and smiled Oh Oh Do not worry This is your room to live later, the school s central computer database, which some information may be useful to you, you can Go in and see. Rest assured, the old man I know how to do it Although some of my personality changes, but I prefer to call him the old man. May be called accustomed to it But the president of the old man seems to be getting more and more smiles the old man, his room keys are ready, it seems this is his own planted to the trap, but this is willing to jump into it Ha fidget cube twitter ha So no how to say. Took the old man in the hands of that chic key, I took this relatively chic room. Since that came back at the top of the hill, I closed myself for two days, two days I sat like this, looking at the front of the void, there is the feeling of weakness. The brain has been wandering with such a question I live, for what money I have a lot of, and fidget cube ama more with several life are used up t.

Fidget Cube Twitter ical organization is also a hacker community leader. But this time to a DDOS attack, choose this approach to attack if not stupid, then he must be a genius. Remember to observe fidget cube for kids the IP, remember to get the IP down. Know, boss Dark two or not, we now use all the computers are all connected, and are by a special program to complete the contact. As long as one of the network into the National Security Bureau, must be found in other computers. Dark take this to go, there may be a way. The other party sent a packet. Open, which is a small program and a string of long input password. Dark into the National Security Bureau network, I remember you only five minutes, we must grasp. Dark II know, I ll be done Jian Chen he did not come out I asked around a humane. Well, it seems With a caring attitude, I walked into the morning s room, but there is no one inside. Not to say in the room How not, fidget cube twitter I wonder. Step out of the room, cold autumn just came, anxiously whispered authentic dark, they suddenly do not attack, I want to have a problem, attack us that I have a few IP numbers down, and if necessary, they can do any I breathed, and he continued, I always have the feeling that we seem to be dragged into the trap they set up in this action. I have the fidget cube twitter same feeling, go Since their goal is to steal NSA s confidential information, I. $txt2 = str_replace(\',.\',\'.\',$txt2);



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