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Fidget Cube Sounds give up, but I still have a killer did not make it out, but this is what I most want to appear. I hope he is not as I imagined it. I pray in my heart. Boss They used the last virus, our server has been useless. Cold autumn seems a little anxious. Switch to the backup server. Killer is embedded in the hacked computer. Ten minutes past, twenty past. Knocking the keyboard sound is not broken ears, I accidentally write Piele sitting in the corner fidget cube nederland of the keyboard is operating Jian Chen, thinking about what the heart. Looked at the fighting It seems that the other side in my special virus, the short period of time there will be no move. Jian Chen went to the next, patted his shoulder, Jian Chen turned to see me, got up and said Boss something I smiled slightly, said Nothing, you busy fidget cube sounds Well, the virus prepared by the boss is really powerful. Suddenly put the other repulsed. He said this sentence when his face emerge a look of worship, is so sincere, but there is a trace I can not read Look, I began to doubt their own intuition is correct. But when I heard Jian Chen said, I hesitated, indeed, Killer is not my preparation, the exact point that should be my double hat shaped virus on the basis of further improvement. To tell the truth, I admire the preparation of the double hat shaped virus people, if given the opportunity.ittle conspicuous, put away the map. Big step fidget cube sounds forward, just half a foot into the door. I saw a seven year old old man came out, evidently should not be a janitor, down a bit like a leading figure. He seems to see me, came up and said Well, you are Ouyang Kenshin I heard him, stunned a moment, but then resumed, since it is a good father to contact the school, it must be aware of my name, and this is nothing strange. I should be the sound, they put the hands of the admission notice delivery in the past. The old man to see my attitude is like an adult like, his face can not help but reveal a trace of not aware of the smile. I do not look at the past delivery of the fidget cube sounds notice, he led me into the school. Along the way, I inevitably move to see the West to see, although at night, but the roadside night light shining also quite means that the size of the school should not be too small, from two football fields and 20 large playground Building height of the floor, the equipment should be good. About twenty minutes away, I lead the way in front of the old man did not say a word, as if the other does not exist, this is very, and my taste, because he is not very like the young man from the language, can not help but start a little kind to him sense After a while, I followed the old man went to a chic little attic, although the a.

}d the kind of leader of the momentum fidget cube sounds seems to be just and rebellious just two people, this is the idea of A4 hearts, of course, I do not know. The old man is out of order I rushed into the office. You do not have to say, I already know. His decadent look is still very calm, but I know his heart is actually very nervous. Just as long as a bureau, he must have a calm heart of doing things. The other anonymous just sent us a message saying that our people in his hands, that is to retaliate against us, and that things are not entirely A2, A3 they were captured, as if you are concerned. And I about I am a bit puzzled, but did not say anything, quietly waiting for the old man to go on. They are the last dark organization of the nets, and believe that from the last incident to escape them believe that they are the elite of the elite in the dark organization.They mean if you want to A2, A3 they must live in ten Before releasing members of the dark organization that were caught that day, otherwise they would not only kill the hostages in fidget cube on youtube their hands, but the whole world into an economic crisis. Let the world into an economic crisis If the other person to say this sentence, I will take him into the mental hospital to recuperate, but the dark tissue to say this, I have to believe that the seriousness and authenticity of thing.ui I would like to move forward to explain to her, but the body is not controlled like a blanket standing motionless, I shouted loudly, but useless, the sound seems to stuck in the throat generally shouting. Gradually, her figure blurred, no do not leave me Shen Hui I screamed, but only heard a cold words came You can put my father back to fidget cube sounds me Her figure gradually blurred, like never been to the general, around and restore the initial appearance, a chaos. Tick, tick , What is the sound Turned out to be my tears, why do I cry fidget cube sounds I fidget cube sounds did not think carefully, because in the next fidget cube sounds lesson, I have lost consciousness Small fire was, the server was unknown virus invasion, infection rate of 30 percent, Jian Chen, go and call the boss to, NND, in the end is that bastard even with this despicable means, this is what shit virus, so powerful NND Cold fidget cube sounds autumn immediately shut down the unnecessary fracture, stop all activities, began to poison, Jian Chen, do not have to call the boss, and he needs to rest. You go to help track the source of this virus first. Be sure to identify the source of the virus. Jian Chen Well, I go to call a few people, go to see fidget cube sounds the boss woke up Dark how to do things like it Diablo messenger has all the build, the virus has been successfully divergent to each other within the server. Dark Good Then f.

Fidget Cube Sounds ce of a new sense of the computer. A unique feeling, as long as able to find this feeling, and then set their own valuable information obtained here, then I understand it will be a higher level fidget cube sounds Time in the quiet passage of time, my new life has gradually entered the track to go, all of everything is restored to its original appearance. But who knows this is just a prelude to the storm The second chapter of the tenth chapter of the prelude to the storm The final result of the confrontation ended in the victory of the cold killer Zhang Yun, when the principal told me the news, I murmured Sure enough, and I imagined the same result. Back, sitting on the familiar sofa, the goods in the hands of the strong coffee, I always felt a kind of inexplicable sense of tension, as if a large stone is pressing on my body like, the weight of my breath Come. Now my life is generally in this little room to complete, the principal old man to me pretty good, gave me a special right, you can freely access to this underground campus. Of course, this thing except me only he and the middle aged teachers know. Recently, I have two computers in front of the run fidget cube press release around, although there is no big progress, but I now have almost the strength and I have not been arrested before the strength of almost the same. And I am excited that I always wante.know that this mission is extraordinary, but I will not stop you, I just want you to come back in peace. A soft hand stroking my face, if I want to say I feel now , I may not know what words to express, I do not know how she knew my mission, only know that I will follow her wishes, come back in peace. So his wife, husband and wife seeking The task, the captain and A2, A3 into the BLACK company, I and A4 in the periphery to monitor, responsible for monitoring all the activities of BLACK president MrJake. Haha Tired Sitting in this car is the third day, but still not seen that dead foreign devils MrJake. But after my online survey, the unknown virus seems to be more than the old man said the National Security Bureau as powerful, there seems to be a kind of potential hidden performance. Time is too late to analyze, so I can only send the data back to headquarters, they should also be analyzed. Target appears I have no time to strike up a A4, nervous Road. Not far from my car sitting in an office building entrance, a gold hair, blue eyed foreign devils slowly out of the building, there are two seemingly bodyguards behind the characters. They entered a Mercedes 600. And our car will be carefully followed up. What is waiting for me The third chapter found the eighth chapter The author s words between the bo.



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