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Fidget Cube Que Es o I do not know how long, I burst from the tear like headache to wake up, general weakness, only to find that they do not know when in their own room, and I do not want to fidget cube review espa?ol know must be Mom and Dad do of. Just when I want to stand up, the phone rang, and I hand the abnormal head according to the pain, one hand difficult will bring in the hands of the mobile phone to try to pick up the watch. Hey Be careful There came a fidget cube que es burst of familiar female voice. Yes Mom What is it I asked the speaker channel. Oh, that s it, and I discussed with your dad, anyway, you are bored at home, it would be better to read it Your father has contacted you for a network of colleges. Oh, let me first consider Nothing to do, I first hung up Having said that I have no reason to reflect the mother will hang up fidget cube toys the phone, re lying in bed, I suddenly feel, feel home People are really happy, but once I did not realize this, just blindly according to their own to do. Looked to wear, I think back to myself these days, I feel really a bit ridiculous, but it is so understandable. A ray of sunshine in the morning do not know when it has sprinkled on my body, fidget cube que es feeling Warm and warm Very comfortable I remember I did not seem to enjoy this old feeling Looked at the east horizon gradually revealing the mind of the sun, my heart could not help a burst of.een the two, with the footsteps of the movement back and forth, from time to time to meet her pair of exuberant hand, my heart Followed from time to time to tense for a while In fact, I now have an impulse, a desire to pull her hand the impulse, but that can not afford the courage, do not know why they have such an impulse. Perhaps it is sensitive to their own nerves I thought. Soon, the time in our side quietly passed, during which she and I did not talk more than ten words. In other words, the two did not how to speak in the playground, I am a introverted person, less talk is also a matter of course, but she also does not speak, can not help me feel a little a little that the kind of unspeakable feeling. Looked at the playground of the couple about to less about, she spoke fidget cube que es and said Uh, early, I should go back Uh Oh I react. I sent her to the girls bedroom door, the janitor s aunt also look as if to look at her Oh Now come back ah She seemed to feel anything, a red face, shyly replied Well Then they ran back to the head. That aunt see me still standing in the doorway staring at her direction in a daze, not only smiles Oh Young man, people are still in here how to stand ah I was the sound of this array wake up , the language regardless of time and said Uh Ah Oh Will reluctantly walked to his nest, my h.

she or not to touch here. The reason I want to be here first, perhaps even a gamble it I bet he will not come long to patronize here. After all, as long as the capture here, his fame will be rapidly, but I believe he is so high technology, should not come to fame, but what is the reason But still not known. As usual, has been dusk, and keep the computer in front of the small fire seems a little impatient, but it appears to be very stable on the surface, but his pair of ecstasy eyes betrayed him. Time in the past, our servers are in the evening around 6 o clock in the closed, that is, 6.1 to, that we wait today will be the same as the previous two weeks, without success , I think we all have a taste of being deceived, but the heart has been a kind of self feeling, feeling he she will come, but do not know when to Bale. Looked at the time, 5 32, the rest of the time is running out, he she how not to, do I have to wait for tomorrow Wait a week Are fidget cube que es thinking of me, suddenly interrupted by cold autumn words We note that I believe the other side has emerged Words will suddenly lazy like a few people s mind back. And concentrate on the computer screen lock. The other way is very similar to the last, especially when the IP address is hidden, and the last invasion that is exactly the same, I believe that hackers at this sta.rancisco, where I live I thought for a moment and said suddenly, Forbes, tomorrow I m going to San Francisco, my father s missing Region, spread to my personal computer, I used to point to the finger on the watch. Yes, but the young master, you do not need to take a few people to accompany you, just in case. Forbes Road. In fact, I have not been to, but that area of the network system has not been checked I have been too much invasion, but I do not want to be someone mainly followed me , So it said the good faith lies, I hope Fubo he can understand my mind. Oh, then I immediately call people go there to layout it. Then picked up from the side of the GSM mobile phone The car is very slow, because I like the feeling of slowly, looking out the window, still still beautiful piece of map , there is still no change, like a child, but it is a fly in the ointment, the lack of young Of the bell feeling, it seems that they really changed. Change even their own do not know what words to express, but I know that even if the changes to the hundreds of thousands of times, I still still readily accepted, perhaps because of her I look out the fidget cube que es window, breathing the familiar air, the kind of air that can make their own growth, the kind of air with their own unforgettable memories, as well as shares of the concentration of th. echo \"OK!\";

Fidget Cube Que Es the school covers an area of 5000 mu, The establishment of the indoor swimming pool on the swimming lessons , indoor basketball courts, there are three large restaurants four ten storey student dormitory, and so on. Really worthy of the name of the first song of the famous colleges and universities. It seems precisely because of this, so many parents want their children into the university, but the unfortunate is that famous universities have always been to credit students to assess whether the ability to enter the university, for the back door is ignored , As you come up with hundreds of thousands, millions of years, he is not a bird you look. However, today the school suddenly came a transfer student, that is me. Dad had always wanted me to enter this school, but then happened so many things, also let the matter rest, however, when I came to this school, but not for their own tasks come. Class 3 Classrooms. Eh You do not know today we will come to a class transfer students ah. fidget cube que es Boys A said. What Transfer students Is not to say that our school has never admitted to transfer students Well. Boys B socket Road. I think this person must have a problem. C Road boys. The other two boys nodded. Means do not seek and. The bell rings. The students, class today to a new life, Kenshin Young female teacher in the podium on th.ually climb her cheeks. nice I can only use one word to describe her. I remember the first time I saw her, I also use the word to describe her. Greeting for a while, Shen Hui said The time is late, the days are dark, you go back early No, I stay at night, I want to see you for a while Well, but you have to promise me a condition. What conditions Take me out fidget cube que es to see the stars will go How ah Playful look more like something cute. No Doctors say you can not go out, your body is also weak, if by the cold, it may be bad I said categorically, but in their beloved begging in front of, even the categorical is the same Will be melted. I can only yield, the door is to die, because doctors and nurses are there, and only from the windows down, fortunately, here is only the second floor, not high, so I and Shen Hui is very easy to sneak out. Sitting on the lawn, I feel the baptism of the night wind, the beloved people leaning against their chest, a warm heart in the junction, flowing with each other. I can feel that I am the happiest person in the world. What is it Shen Hui asked. Well You say I deliberately sell off, look at her Du Qizui look, I am not ruthless in that soft tender lips on the pro one. I wonder if I can kiss you Finished like a small non laughing at her. If you want, now now, you can. Speaking of the end is.



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