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Fidget Cube Music l childhood In a solemn and heavy courtroom, a pair of conspicuous couples were nervously watching the little boy sitting in the dock, the boy should look only 8,9 years old, But stood in the dock seemed a bit regardless of class. At this time, a burst of solemn voice to break the boring atmosphere. The defendant Ouyang Kenshin in 2XXXX year X month X. On suspicion of an invasion fidget cube music of the International League of the world s central computer, and steal important documents by the jury agreed that the fidget cube music defendant Ouyang Jianxin guilty of theft of state secrets. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, but because of their serious attitude and young age, reduced to seven years. Immediately Is the juvenile labor camp, where the first jail it Also ask readers to forgive 2XXXX years The world legal system has begun to change, full 8 year old juvenile circumstances are serious enough to reform into the juvenile labor camp When the judge finished the last sentence, the young couple in the woman actually fainted in the past, the male side of the woman s care, while shouting the boy s name, but can not stop the two police life and life will be He took away, waiting for him will be a long prison career That s right That little boy is me, I grew up in the United States, but I know I am a Chinese. I was 4 years old to know t.know that this mission is extraordinary, but I will not stop you, I just want you to come back in peace. A soft hand stroking my face, if I want to say I feel now , I may not know what words to express, I do not know how she knew my mission, only know that I will follow her wishes, come back in peace. So his wife, husband and wife seeking The task, the captain and A2, A3 into the BLACK company, I fidget cube lazada and A4 in the periphery to monitor, responsible for monitoring all the activities of BLACK president MrJake. Haha Tired Sitting in this car is the third day, but still not seen that dead foreign devils MrJake. But after my online survey, the unknown virus seems to be more than the old man said the National Security Bureau as powerful, there seems to be a kind of potential hidden performance. Time is too late to analyze, so I can only send the data back to headquarters, they should also be analyzed. Target appears I have no time to strike up a A4, nervous Road. Not far from my car sitting in an office building entrance, a gold hair, blue eyed foreign devils slowly out of the building, there are two seemingly bodyguards behind the characters. They entered a Mercedes 600. And our car will be carefully followed up. What is waiting fidget cube music for me The third chapter found the eighth chapter The author s words between the bo.

always been very, very annoying you, you are very Big, love cool, self righteous, but then I can not help but start to think of you, until I started to like you, but you have dropped out of that in the mountains, I would like to be root you say, but I can not say , Or you do not give me the opportunity to say, but I see you and your favorite people together, I really try to taste the heartache, but do not worry, I will go tomorrow, you will not And then see me In addition I wish you happiness She walked from my side, I can clearly see the tears fall down her eyes, slowly and very quickly splashed on my hand, hot, with sadness and a trace of bitterness. In fact, I do not know her name, I do not know whether it is a man is a failure, but that fall in fidget cube music my hand a drop of tears is the fact that the town really exists. Volume III Chapter X Preparation Slowly walking in the street, people coming and going, the distant neon lights from time to time to shine with its fidget cube music brilliant luster, a prosperous scene. For me, it seems to be standing next to watch the passing, a smoky smoke, and my heart do not know what the fidget cube music thought of passing. Do not know if after the 10th of this prosperity is still able to see the scene again. If you can not stop the dark. To the time the original wealthy drunk gold fans of the rich, be.hen Road. What happened Boss, what do you think Lengqiu asked the focus. The other is not trying to attack our servers, their real purpose is to steal NSA s confidential information. It seems they do have one hand, come up with such a strategy must be a heavy hearted people, and his plan to see To be perfect, is a terrible opponent, the first time I felt powerless feeling. What Cried the three men. That theft of the National Security Bureau of confidential information and we have anything to do Small fire doubts Road. Because our central computer database and the National Security Bureau is connected. Lengqiu lightly said, it seems he is also very understanding of some of these secrets. What How do we not know Jian Chen and small fire in unison asked in unison. The old man had only allowed his designated people to go to the central computer database, and others wanted to go in without the consent of the old man, because the central computer database was not as easy to penetrate as it imagined. But I was quietly in the middle of a computer database and stealing confidential information. I tried to stop it, but in the end he was escaped, but they wanted to steal The information is only half. Old Boss You mean, that fidget cube gear supply left here that indifferent killer Zhang Yun asked a small fire. Yes I said with a sigh of relief. of electronic finder, jammer, corner reflector and other electronic reconnaissance, electronic interference and electronic camouflage equipment. Although the electronic warfare here is less stringent than in the military electronic warfare , but the team units, venues, etc., are not inferior to the deployment of the army, but this also thanks to the old man under the head of this Large underground space. Of course, this huge venue was also divided into dozens of old headmaster, also compiled with the numbers in order to recognize each other. And each venue is separated by a layer of super soundproof glass. My site is on the 20th, my group is not a big venue, not much bigger than their bedroom, that is, about twenty by twenty. Will their computer gracefully, the president of the old man to our hair with personal notebook computers, are a unified system to operate, fidget cube music but it is that old fashioned WINDOUS system. Although I am no stranger to it. But in the Qunying blend of underground campus, even with the system would be a bit shabby people feel. Of course, I do not mean WINDOUS system is not good, but we all know, everyone fidget cube music will know that the computer system WINDOUS system is very fragile. Behind the corner there are several servers, more professional, configuration is relatively high, looked at the shell like HP s h.

Fidget Cube Music t she will leave their own. People are like this, until he got something very valuable to their own time, he will worry about their own gains and fidget cube discount code losses. Not far away, for me, but as if after a few years as tough, after the plane, I can not wait to rush to the direction of the school, a heart has long been tied in the beautiful woman. I did not ride, but has been running in the direction of the school, the ears will be whistling blowing blowing bursts of autumn. I ran crazy, my mind just a figure, remember the happy time, I began to have a feeling, I found myself beginning for the sake of others, yes I changed, change the beginning will miss a person. The original miss a person is also a very happy thing, but it is also suffering and happiness co exist. Yes, miss a person, only when their own experience when it will feel the kind of subtle feeling. A little sour taste, but the heart is very sweet. Do not know whether this is a bit contradictory, but in my words can only be described. I was a bit tired, but I did not give up, did not stop, but to the familiar direction ran, did not care the kind of weird side of the roadside eyes, keep a trace of ethereal mind. Finally saw that the school is still a prominent piece of the door hanging there. I still did not stop the pace, carrying the already numb legs still running.of the file do not fidget cube music know when I have come to the computer. Is he voluntarily throw in the towel Do not No Although I know him soon, but my instinct to tell me that he will not easily throw in the towel. Look at the hands of state secrets and his information in recent years in China s survey results, silent What can I say Fire jumping in the air, a unit heat wave in this thin paper raging, and finally into a pile of fragile black Looked at his face, fidget cube music I suddenly kind of want to care about his feelings, but also faint impulse, I have to in the end is how the. But his body as if a kind of magic, like, deeply attracted me. Is this a feeling like a person A little fluttering Hu Hu feeling. But a kind of looming feeling, good special. But but, he sometimes really good hateful. Cool in fact, quite handsome , and self righteous, cool performance , An indifferent look. And, importantly, he went to the hospital to visit the girl. I believe he must like the girl but I In the sleep I do not know another fate is coming to me, do not know this is rich Or a curse People tend to go back to sleep people feel that the flight of time was so fast. Feeling in ten minutes in real life, but often have been a long time. School bell sounded, from sleep, I reluctantly woke up, rubbing Xingzhong sleepy eyes, the classro.



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