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Fidget Cube Legit table filled with colorful Qianzhi, a touch of sadness slowly climbed to my emotions. Shen Hui and memories of each bit by bit with the things. From her and I met, the first date, the first hand, the first kiss, the first tears for me, for the first time to send me a gift, the first time I worry about fidget cube legit her, for the first time Too much The number of countless, shook his head, his thoughts back to reality, the line of sight moved to the hands of thousands of paper cranes, carefully put into a double protection of the bag. Soon, has been packed up everything, and in the closed door, I again looked at the nostalgia to accompany me three months of the house. Bang Bang, shut it. The new room is lavish, but also very leisurely. Is a more suitable place for me, it seems that the president of the old man also arranged well, that two laptops are dedicated to my use, one of which is and the school s central computer database connected, and I can easily access to browse. This greatly facilitated my learning curve, and to my surprise, the central computer database of all the information on the computer more than I expected, the rich content is astounding. There are a lot of information on hackers, news and so on. However, these are not how much I have no use, I want their own solid foundation to slowly under the experien.that makes me greatly fidget cube silent unexpected The second chapter seventh chapter confrontation below Not the slightest progress tends to relax tight ring, but this time, the wine Jian Chen cried up. Attracted everyone s attention, I quickly ran to him, looked at the display of the data on the screen. I do not want to think back to fidget cube legit their own computers, immediately start my management software, landing to our main server, the ip cut off, and then put the ip in the blacklist. Began to fidget cube legit check whether the other side of the traces of infiltration. It seems the other side there are so two brushes, have a different look. But I believe that this time is definitely our victory, but this time, the hearts of a little less comfortable feeling, perhaps because of their own secret of a hundred dense, was the role of the third rate opportunity to seep into the reasons, and feel very uncomfortable The reason for it Fortunately, the other seems to only connect our port 80, which is to attack our command system, the other aspects of the system, the other has not broken. In fact, through that command system in the fidget cube legit openbsd attack is no way to have too many rights, which I am more confident. But that Taiwan s sql on the hard to say. Originally windows sqlserver is everyone s weak links, but because the host and the outside world through isol.

and have a small fire Oh, they have to buy things back, but Jianchen not come, do not know where to go. Oh I thoughtfully answered the sound. You must go first, but remember to rest, do not be tired. Well, know the boss Sitting on the edge of the bed, I quietly thought, knowing that the door opened before I recover, looked like people, is Jian Chen. He saw me sitting in his room, seemed to feel a bit nervous, but still very reluctantly smiled Boss, you find me Well, no I replied briefly, looking at him coldly. Uh I am a little boring, just go outside to go. Jian Chen tried to cover up the uneasiness of his heart. I did not hurry to chase. Back fidget cube legit to the original look like No, uncomfortable, early rest. Then they step out the door. I do not want to, I really can not imagine his brother turned out to be spies, impossible, I told myself, this is not possible, but my mind seems to be like me, has been wandering his look just, Double hearted eyes. But these are nothing but the appearance of it, there is no real evidence I still can not determine the sword morning is a dark spy. So I still want to Jian Chen is certainly not sent to the dark spy. Night without incident, night sleepless, night pain, night remorse, night Uh Drink ah Girl painful moans in the empty room to think back. At this point, rushed into.y finally smiled and said, My name is Jiujian Chen.Welcome to join us in this group.We will take you to meet with other members. Ouyang Kenshin My answer is very simple, this is just a habit, no other means. The early metaphor of wine Jian Chen does not seem to care how. Another of the final examinations electronic confrontation. Will be around 2 pm the day after tomorrow, when all the tools and equipment must be prepared, in addition to the computer outside. In the past two days, the school did not class, each go back to prepare. These two days, I did not step out of the bedroom half step, not do not want to go out, just feel a kind of inexplicable pressure in troubled me, seems to be because of this examination, but feel a bit not right. Hey Or do not want to, would like to have no benefit to the brain, or rest break it In addition to me and the group leader in addition to wine Jianchen, there are three other people limited to five people in each group , respectively, Mo students, good long range attack technology, is want to buy fidget cube also quite a study of decryption. There are evergreen, good at tracking code, and for the preparation of firewall quite study. Responsible for defense. There is a more quirky person, and his name is cold autumn, no one knows his strength, even as the head of the wine Jian Chen do not know his bottom.led with a sense of satisfaction. To, she stopped the road I m going You go back I suddenly a bit reluctant, but there is no way, only to see her slowly disappear in my line of sight. He slowly walked fidget cube legit to his nest. After a corner, I met that I am very disgusted people Xu Xiaohuan She seems to see me, his face does not feel unloading, there is a very long side of the handsome boy, but his face was also revealed that the fidget cube legit expression of contempt. I began to regret the last did not put their whole miserable. But now regret it has been useless, only with a pair of cold eyes staring at the woman Around me, the words behind me made me very angry. Mao is not long Qi school others hanging horse, really TM s Johnson Is the man s voice. I remember him I did not go up to beat him, because I know in time he is up to his fight. the reason In a few years in prison juvenile labor camp Once, I was a gang of juvenile offenders, beaten. Fortunately, after the management of the people came to stop, or I really will be killed That is, after the incident, the director of the labor camp will secretly teach me some self defense technique I did not ask why Just blindly to learn very seriously, after the completion of the division I am very grateful to him, because I have never been bullied after, perhaps their own personality problems, and I.

Fidget Cube Legit rious chief executive issues orders and discusses where to attack. While the dark organization s chief executive did not directly participate in any action. Only the dark organization is clear that he founded it. The phone broke, interrupting my thoughts. Just think of the key was this damn phone interrupted, not only some angry hearts. But still pick up the phone. Hey I snappily said. You eat the gunpowder How Is the voice of the principal of the old man. I have something to do, fidget cube legit I am very busy. I am a little impatient. Now there is something important to talk to you, you come to VT teahouse By the way, I can help you introduce the individual. The principal seems to be the old man said he was most important to this person like. But because of his face or go, not only because of this, but I think the old man said the old man may be a big man, I rarely hear the president of the old man is so respectful of a person, in addition to and National Security Bureau old man together with the exception. Into the teahouse, which is not much, very few passengers, but it is very delicate furnishings, people come in to feel the taste of nature. It seems this teahouse boss is really under a lot of thought. Careful. President of the old man shook his hand and greeted me in the past. The old man, quick to say, to find what I have I.ou can control the Red League of any troops, if you need to finished, a burst of open door The second chapter twenty third chapter challenge two Bully woke up and found himself already in the room, the bed is still there after the traces of tears, I smile a bit. Got up and shook his sore head, step out the door. At this point, Jian Chen is running to me, see I woke up, Lengle Leng, then resumed, quickly came to me The boss you can wake up, our server is unknown virus infection, and now small Fire and cold autumn is hosting the overall situation, you go to see it I know the seriousness of the situation, apart from anything else, caught a piece of clothing will go to the main control room. Ran to the door, a small fire they are still strong resistance and defense, the cold is also tracking the unknown side fidget cube legit of the virus. See me, the two are very pleasantly surprised and full of hope. But it also contains the meaning of the slightest relationship. Boss, and now the virus has been flooded in the second server, the door of my standby server 3 has also been opened, the next step how to do Small fire gearing as if ready to go to a big fight. Virus name Dark Union, the specific source of infection I do not know, only know that somewhere in China, the virus infection speed, fidget cube legit so far, 30 percent of the world s.



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