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Fidget Cube Lazada others is not how interested in cooperation. You say that I would like to seek their views. Cooperate Cried the first small fire volunteered. Not fidget cube lazada to mention we have to deal with the virus that we do not know the manufacturer of the information, how to cooperate with them.Although I do not hate the Red Union, but the anti human heart can not be without, Their illegal invasion of our servers, you say Cold look, you continue to contact people and the Red Union, as far as possible to find out how much the number of operators. Out of their details, information, etc. I decisively issued instructions. OK No problem Three people coincidentally should be channel You e mail has passed Maiden asked lightly. Yes, how There are problems Voice Road. You know I have always been less accustomed to working with other organizations, the girl Yunu Road. That s because you ve never tried it. The sound seemed a bit unhappy. Well, this is the Black Sword information, I can only find these, the other to see you. Voice finished, threw a folder, then left the room. The second chapter twenty sixth chapter challenge five Black Sword a year ago in the network, the action weird, so far only to interfere with some criminals to destroy the site or pages and other matters, of course, including the defense of some hackers, theft or attack. Belong.s. It fidget cube philippines is simply impossible to conceal all those who are guilty of state level crimes, but the other is now clearly threatening, and if we do not agree with them, it is a very possible threat. I see the old man is now also want to counter it But look at his face, as if progress is not big sale fidget cube toy very smooth. Hey If it is not that they can only do as they say. The first time I felt the old man also has the feeling of weakness. The old man, rest assured, I will give you a confession, since the other party s real goal is their people, of course, indirectly involved in me, then I will give them a satisfactory answer. At that time the tone of the A4 speech seems to be out of the same, the momentum is not intimidating people look straight, fidget cube retail even the old man was slightly surprised. But all this I do not know. In this mountain, cloud deep do not know. The old man nodded, did not speak, but I know he has acquiesced. Now it seems that they should really taste the taste of failure, and I confidently authentic. A surge of momentum, however, oil rose Walk to City Police Department. Came to a report at the location of the report, a young policeman is overlooking the case. Excuse me, where is the office of your Director I asked politely. The young policeman slowly got up and saw a boy in front of him, a little stiffly replied The Dire.

What what You mean the Red Double Ax Dark one Yes Diablo You do not have to be involved in this, the organization will send you to carry out the new task. Here I will arrange. Dark one know. Silence The second volume of the twentieth chapter under the fate of the sky on Long time did not go to the town to stroll, and a small fire they said the sound will leave, they know me, did not ask me how long. In fact, I would like to be an ordinary day, to meet in the vast sea of people, but I have not achieved, I am very disappointed, but also guilty, but this has not been a good chance to see her again. For a long time, I was thinking, he was not wrong, if not too arrogant, too careful, the police will not come, and Shen Hui will not leave me Bustling on the road, pedestrians coming and going. In passing a bridge, I saw a wanderer, no To be more precise, he was a wanderer because he was playing with his guitar, watching out, he was very care for his guitar. I have to listen very clearly, is a life with you, he played well, I had to admire in the mind, not only to stop, not only a lot of people, but also a lot of people, While depending. Singing fresh and elegant, faint, but it also appears to have a trace of the vicissitudes of life, I can not help but be infected by fidget cube lazada his voice, no The exact point i., including your parents in which, but it is also confidential and whenever they perform the task, Even the National Security Bureau do not know what the task, location, time, etc. It can be seen how the degree of secrecy of their secrets and their outstanding skills is the dream of each agent, but also we aspire to, because the National dozen The elite of the hundreds of millions of people carefully selected, coupled with inhuman training, deserved a powerful force that, when you were in jail that year, your parents threatened America in the name of the whole of China Government, which allows you to commutation, and arrange your home and the United States there to monitor your gang FBI is your parents come and go compromise their last task is not as difficult as imagined, after all, they are not Superman So it will be caught, and injured Only leads you to steal computer viruses to exchange parents events. Hey The old man said here, sighed. I just said from the old man s words wake up, shocked Leng, his eyes looked a bit sluggish, obviously I have not awakened from the old man said. Said a cry, then go back. Sluggishly sitting on the sofa, his eyes looking at the front of a void, do not know what to think The second volume of Chapter XI of my first opponent on Not a big room, a small laptop is making a.rincipal old man has long been sensible to flash people. Looked at her, she looked fidget cube lazada at me, the two do not speak. I wake up I suddenly emerge such an unthinking, even I am also surprised, there is a little bit embarrassing. Well, she said, smiling at me. I I Both at the same time. You speak first I said. fidget cube lazada Why do not you start She looked a bit childish at the moment, and that was the place that attracted me. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I do not know is that the fidget cube lazada headmaster peeking out the window is nest in the small window, mouth talking about ah, say ah Brats are not afraid of it NND now this key Said ah 1 quickly said This caused some doctors and nurses attention, have come over peep. Before long we all are there talking about invariably how not pro ah. I waited a long time Hurry up and say ah. Ward. In fact, I like you, I hope you can accept me, let us start again, I can not give you a father, but I change you a you love you. People and people who love you. I finished this sentence fidget cube lazada in one breath, suddenly felt a lot easier in mind, but then it is more tension from time to time to her eyes cast a glance to go in. Hands in his pocket also began to do not know the place where. Long She looked at me very seriously Another day there is no space Yes I Mu Na back Road.

Fidget Cube Lazada reful. I set the spirit, refreshed a bit of thinking, began to move towards the second floor. The second floor seems to have no people, but occasionally there are several workers on duty just after, but the first Chad Road for me almost scared the soul has almost gone. But still careful in the hands of the electromagnetic interference device thrown into a few small monitors not far away. But the cold sweat or from time to time in the forehead, faint to hear that a little anxious breathing, crept to leave that person and more places. I went to a written private powerhouse, do not enter I did not care about fidget cube lazada these. Slowly move near the entrance of the basement location, there seems to be no one, a lot more than the outside of the dust, but vaguely can be seen to have been, even if they cover up very well. I guess it must be to check it fidget cube lazada They are really careful, but secretly stored here, that terrible things, the provisions of time to check or should be. On the left is a rubbish bin, a trace of smell floating in the air, I see here is the place they are looking for, and then began to search until I saw a very modest wicket, it seems this is the basement Entrance. Appearance, although ordinary, but I guess this must be a false impression, the equipment inside must be extraordinary. With the infrared detector scan a fidget cube lazada bit.can control the staff can be field. What about this mission This assignment will give you a new position after you complete the task, fidget cube lazada you can go now, this is the command of the head. I did not expect the dark organization even so cunning, but this is in my expected thing, but did not expect to let me destroy the XX site, although this task is not difficult, but this site is no special on the surface, secretly But it is one of the Red Union contact area, which is quite dark within the organization of ROOM. The other party seems to know Red League to participate in this matter in general. This will not only test whether I am really BK6, but also can drag on a small part of Red League soldiers and horses. How to do Destroy it But does this really make the dark organization believe me Or do not do If so, simply entered the ROOM when it began to destroy here, but then lose their own is also something sooner or later, the same will make fidget cube lazada the Black Sword and Red Union suffer, and even annihilated, but also by the fake foreign devils fling fidget cube lazada in teeth. Imagine the fake foreign devils I will be a gas, holding the mouse s hand can not help but tight. I will not fail, I own to cheer. In the past to say this sentence may be considered arrogant, but this is a firm belief. Trespassing But it is nothing more and do not do it more si.



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