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Fidget Cube Keyring of sight, slowly moving forward, do not know Shen Hui now and I have seen them as well. Before long he finally disappeared in my sight, this seems to be a fate it I thought, slowly thinking. End in the hands of the coffee has been cold, I did not continue to drink, but daze there, looking out the window, not far from the street lights seem to have begun to dim down, but look very clear, do not know this Be an illusion or what other factors, I did not think. Put down the coffee, I went back to the bed, not just thoughts, mind thinking of a familiar fidget cube keyring figure, so, slowly, I began to fall asleep, the dream she was waiting for me. The next day. Master Get up A burst of compliment sounded. Oh, come in Cried I, lazily. The servant came in, and I had already stood by the window. The servant froze uh Young master breakfast is ready. fidget cube keyring Oh, come on, you know Yes Servant slowly step out the door, easily shut the door A group of people unhurried two foot high step out of the door, led by a seventeen year old boy, there is a bit more than half of the old man, is a look of respectful boy The young master, everything Already prepared. Well, know I want to walk forward. Master, really do not people with the past it Butler said a little bit concerned. No, I can, I said confidently. They Lengle Leng, the young master did not seem in fro.n the dark in the next, it is clear disadvantage, and their goal is to capture the dark members of the organization, if not pay, then I see the world Some well known stock market companies to face economic crisis, and things not only that, more likely to cause disputes around the world, chaos caused by war So now we have to deal with the dark organization fidget cube keyring they must be arrested from the start of these people can be said that this approach is just a gamble, and now I am the only bargaining chip, if lost, maybe I could not turn over again. But do not gamble, win less than half. So this time fidget cube keyring I will win. I am a bit less believe, sitting next to me this face Hu face unruly middle aged man is actually a dark organization is an important figure, but also a very powerful hacker But people can not be appearance. You are the messenger of Diablo I asked straight to the point. Well, who are you He did not seem to care about his fidget cube keyring condition in the prison, arrogantly back. I am who you do not have to know, but I want to ask you a few questions, I hope you can tell the truth. I and he looked straight, without the slightest retreat mean, middle aged people seem surprised at the front of the boy s fidget cube keyring not ordinary. And his office must not be small, to privately examine a prisoner of the death penalty, the identity of nature is no.

om has been running out, but coincidentally, the brutal side of the girls but also did not go in this classmate. Do not know how, I always feel a bit strange to her today. Also can not say why, they will simply no matter, pack up a good thing to leave. Hey Behind a voice called out, I know this is called me, but intuition told me to move forward, do not look back. Less than two steps away, that voice sounded Hey, Ouyang Kenshin What I replied, almost instinctively. Looked at her hesitant look, I said coldly choting choting choting choting choting choting chotingchoting, Is how it Have feelings for her She is how is it Confession to me Humph It seems that they really are too nervous, the mind embroidered Shuaishuaishou, looking at the distant sunset, I suddenly thought a little song, do not know where he is now I do not know is that in the next mission, his help would be the key to my victory The third volume of the sixth chapter Xinyu Star willing Liu Xiaotou month, people about after dusk. Breeze gently stroked my face, over the shoulder hair wanton drift in the back of the head. For a long time did not see the evening, and this time suddenly a lot of things, first became a network of agents, more is their first task, and then after fidget cube keyring another happened some things, especially with me.e sound of teacher , is already burst into tears. But it is the heart flow only Boss, they came again, cried Lengqiu. What about the situation I asked. They seem to be tempted, touched a bit and left without leaving any traces, I think it should be used to. This is my preparation of the monitoring system that allows people who illegally penetrated our server, and immediately can not hide away. And be able to detect other loopholes in the system. fidget cube hands on I hope this will be able to To help busy. Oh, know, I believe this stuff will give us a surprise. Yes, a small fire, the way you will sort out the people, put them on the machine are installed THIREEYES. Small fire readily agreed. A morning Uh Old boss, what happened He seems a bit flustered, but hide very well, but it also hide my eyes. The hearts of him a little more doubts, at the same time, the heart is also a faint pain. No nothing, you have to arrange it, this time can not relax preparedness. Boss I always feel that each time the other initiative, we are passive, I think Cold autumn said half, I was interrupted This time we take the initiative. Lengqiu, leading 200 people, look at the side, the other side if more than ten people out of it, immediately dispatched.Members to remember that, if you do not know what to do, , Quick to give each other.tion. But now it s the damn thing even opened only 80,20,21 port, then the remote login management 4410 port on the 6. by Basically put your idea to the broken. I began to V in the side, since the crack system password can not, then observe the system to observe the network segment is active machine, as long as the machine does not invade that machine can also be upright to go into it I began to feel a bit proud. This is the hacker of the corrupt, do not understand the computer people who is cocky. Very, very cocky I started to write my own search program, I took this program called fire eye means for the eyes of gold fine, it can not only search the network segment is active machine, and can further scan out this machine loopholes, which for Hackers is indeed a rare baby, but the preparation of this thing can take me a lot of time and effort. I have confidence to find it out. Still 10M bandwidth speed, I think there is still a little time, then start to the side down a cup of coffee, thick coffee aroma from the nose, my heart began to silence in this wonderful atmosphere. This bag of coffee is the old bar in the send me here before I called with, I did not refuse, because I like things I never would not hypocritical not, I speak very straight. Sometimes say what to say, and therefore offended a lot of people

Fidget Cube fidget cube from amazon Keyring e to do things and Road, this time cold autumn silent. Here, you and the small fire to help, here by me, we keep in touch. It seems that only the case. BK6 has completed the FA1 play, it seems he is really loyal to us, said one councilor. Things are not over, I believe that the Red Union over there should be in full swing fidget cube sounds and he was fighting it, Ha ha ha Do not control him in the afternoon I will target the task plan to you, in addition to BK6 other people are the first 3 In addition to acting FA1, FA2 acts to BK6 to complete, and you go to the side of the surveillance, what is wrong, immediately he killed and into the blacklist. However, why not let BK6 participate in this action, by his participation, I believe that our mission fidget cube keyring will be more smoothly. This thing you do not control, I will arrange. You go to work it The other party apparently issued a Zhugepin, Members can only Xingran retreat, the screen gradually become dimmed mark down. This damn ball, how so difficult Sitting in front of the computer screen, a small fire angrily Road. I always feel that the other side seems to have been like us ah Each attack to the crucial time they always immediately retreat, as if what is hidden in the like. Chen side of the puzzled. Let them not let us first, let s first good door to say it. What FA2 mission, why not let me.always been very, very annoying you, you are very Big, love cool, self righteous, but then I can not help but start to think of you, until I started to like you, but you have dropped out of that in the mountains, I would like to be root you say, but I can fidget cube keyring not say , Or you do not give me the opportunity to say, but I see you and your favorite people together, I really try to taste the heartache, but do not worry, I will go tomorrow, you will not And then see me In addition I wish you happiness She walked from my side, I can clearly see the tears fall down her eyes, slowly and very quickly splashed on my hand, hot, with sadness and a trace of bitterness. In fact, I do not know her name, I do not know whether it is a man is a failure, but that fall in my fidget cube keyring hand a drop of tears is the fact that the town really exists. Volume III Chapter X Preparation Slowly walking in the street, people coming and going, the distant neon lights from time to time fidget cube music to shine with its brilliant luster, a prosperous scene. For me, it seems to be standing next to watch the passing, a smoky smoke, and my heart do not know what the thought of passing. Do not know if after the 10th of this prosperity is still able to see the scene again. If you can not stop the dark. To the time the original wealthy drunk gold fans of the rich, be.



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