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Fidget Cube Images eart began to jump, I mean more than What, but I know, I have a very special kind of feeling to her, and even say that they do not know the feeling. a bit sweet Vol. I, Chapter XI Already late at night, lying on the soft sofa, I am stunned that he seems to have begun to like to sleep on the sofa, and this seems to be a kind of bad habits, but I have been accustomed to sleep, and feel very comfortable. I could not sleep, my mind would like to have just happened, I actually saw a few faces and a strange girl visiting the playground, but also chatted, but the most important thing is not this, it is important that their own so how tension. I can not help but think of the face of a burst of hot, but immediately recovered. Got up and down a cup of coffee, used to be used when the night owl now feel so early sleep is not used to. Looked at the table made of mahogany, that small laptop still lying there, I could not help walking past, open the computer, skilled Internet access. I did not go to my chat room, do not know why. Just wandering the Internet. Suddenly, a conspicuous corner I saw a picture, a picture that I am a little consternation. It is a two ax shaped red dynamic picture, the exterior point of view, in fact, and the general picture of a. No different, but I am not amaze this point, I fidget cube cheap saw the pair of waving dou.asked the old man came running. Nothing. Tone with deep frustration and regret, there is a trace of a strong anger. In the end what happened I have just read the ward to fidget cube images Xiaohui, she in the end how You d talk. The old man seems excited than I am. Let me be quiet, I said indifferently. The old man. what s up Can fidget cube images you lend me a gun What do you want the gun to do I m useful Is not and Shen Hui have a relationship The old man a mention of the spirit, then nervous, and the firearms, that Xiaohui must be fierce and less. Do not say, you get the gun to borrow me. If completed, then left Sitting on that long lost hillside, and the head of the breeze, I know what they can not do now, can only be alone in this depression. Cigarette butts burned my hand, I felt that the original one is lit cigarette will have an end. Although in their own happy time, lonely, happy time or when it is lost accompanied by it. The phone rings. Hey My voice was a bit bleak. How, a person in the smoke boring smoke ah How to overcome the dark tissue is not happy The voice seems a bit familiar to each other, but who can not remember. who are you I hope for your coming in the night hope for impossible promises until the dawn to pay for all and the remnant of my heart alone sing for the soul to write the lament You are the mysterious person I was surp.

orber. He is responsible for the management of an old housekeeper, and I also regard him as his grandfather, but from an early age on the exception of sinking, but I did not say anything, but silently remembered in the heart of the old man. Forber has been about seventy years, ten years to my family is also loyal, at home is the management of well organized, never careless. So I and his family are very trusting him, usually invited him to dinner together, like a family, but his subconscious seems to us as his master, the speech still revealed the respectful taste. Master, the car is ready. Housekeeping led dozens of bodyguards came forward respectfully Road. Suddenly the airport people have cast a strange look to me, I rushed forward and said They said the first. They know what I mean no words to say, followed by me out of the airport. Front is a familiar car, I remember as a child I often sat it ran out, but now the feeling is also like the past in general, gone. Only vaguely remember this is my favorite is the most familiar car. A fleet of high speed road in the speeding, far from a kind of Momin s spectacular sight. Take the lead of the bike lengthened red flag, it is I take the car. At this point, I have begun to inquire about the reasons for the disappearance of his father, but also hear a little confusing. Ma.then I know, let me say When he was about to hang up the phone, I suddenly said the sentence If the master to call home, then remember to say to me Uh know the young master Respectful each other Road. Hanging down still holding the phone s left hand, I am unable to lie on the sofa, and now I feel the original feeling of sleeping on the sofa fidget cube images better than the bed, even if no bed is so spacious and comfortable The next day the classroom. Not to go to the classroom door, I have heard a whisper. Oh, you know, that just came to school that strange boy ah I heard that he recently soaked a MM, hey Not bad ah Really My head green spasm is bursting out, like a pair of ice cold pit out of the cold pupil staring at the front of these whisper bastard In high school students, love is absolutely not allowed, especially in this particular school, which almost all of them are able to fear the ability The teacher s heart meat, the parents of the palm. So to fall in love with something is to maintain absolute opposition. Into the classroom. Sure enough, fidget cube images not my chat The whole class of students do not have a pair of focus look at me, no It should be said is staring at me But also from time to time that the seat will be toward the conspicuous look to go, she had already blushed like a red apple in general, head down, not a se.ppearance looks not up to much, but I went inside a kind of very classical feel, inside the facilities I can guarantee no less than Five star hotel facilities. I can not help but wonder why not take me to the student dormitory And take me here The old man seems to know my thoughts in general, turned around and said You are living fidget cube official sale here, this is your father s arrangements, no way, as the school s largest shareholder, he just ordered to act only.He said you eccentric, Afraid of classmates and discord, so I arranged for this small attic to you fidget cube images live, I hope you can live the habit.As for the class things I will give you arranged, tomorrow to the principal room reported on the line The words of the old man though I am a bit surprised, but not shown. Just nodded his head, but my heart is thinking about how his father s or so, its own way, do not want to feel my, but so Ye Hao, far from the crowd I d quite comfortable Then there is no how to say. After the old man gone, I finally unable to lie on the bed has long been prepared for their own, soft, very comfortable, I have not slept so comfortable for a long time, coupled with today s fatigue, ten minutes later I have been asleep fidget cube images past. But do not know the attic of that small window, just that old man is talking to himself It seems that his nature is still a child ah The nex.

Fidget Cube Images oked at the watch, Oh Already 8 00, hey This damn lesson, every day up early, I began to complain a little bit, but also a little regret promised his father s arrangements to attend this school But do things often regret when they are useless Reluctantly to leave the soft sofa. After washing, as usual carrying a few books, slowly walking in the classroom on the road, the brain not only think of last night s gang kid online, they do not know how to do, huh, huh But no matter how they like, that what Red League must be linked to the color of it I think of this feeling began to better a lot, mouth slightly on the write, this is my signature smile To go to the classroom door, the teacher has begun lectures, and I called hello and went inside. The gang bitter students did not how to me, and I too. Everyone seems to be a stranger. However, there is still a person called me a low voice, I heard a voice will know Wu Ming. I sat next to him, Wu Ming Fu whispered the first Kim Sum , a major event occurred What s going on I asked puzzled. You know, last night Xu Xiaohuan where the city Red League white by a hacker group to the black Wu Ming here, the kind of unthinkable expression can simply Said to be exaggerated. Too exaggerated it Is not a fidget cube images black customer Union website only What a fuss Oh I casually answered the sentence, busy. I am a little impatient. Come, I tell you, this is the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of MrChen. President introduced the old man sitting next to the appearance of this young man is not surprising, and I almost high, high fidget cube images nose, slightly to the retraction Of the eye socket. Black hair, a straight suit. A look that is a hybrid. At this point he was very friendly to me nod, but it was also I saw that look in that look of contempt, I pretend to see nothing, subconsciously beat greeting. President of the old man continued This is what I often mention that Black Sword hacker organization of the Chief Executive Ouyang Kenshin. At this point, the half breed to see my eyes paused, the eyes of a flash of surprise was naked. China is really a place where talented people, I am really an eye opener today. That is the authentic Mandarin. The old man, what is the matter quickly, I hurry back, something ah. No time to fast. I am a little impatient Road. MrChen this time to the dark organization of this matter, they have been widely distributed on the network If you do not release other dark organization, then it will cause the world economic crisis, and there are three Chinese agents will be buried. Things have caused a degree of panic, the dark organization in almost every country has a certain position, and the inte.



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