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Fidget Cube Hands On them as their own hands to see, but that is not how the heart would say it, but his alone, quietly bear. But the boss in the heart of the girl in the end who This is their hearts are puzzled, but it is only buried in the hearts of Bale, and did not say it. Small fire Let s go back first Boss temper you do not know, unless he is willing, or even the emperor came, the boss will not bird him. Jian Chen helplessly sighed. Small fire did not answer, but full of care like eyes did not move away that is not far away thin body, reluctantly sighed. Turn left The second chapter of the eighteenth chapter once again confrontation Silently waiting, God will not let you know what is called pursuit, perhaps even his own life will feel slim. Network and can not represent the reality Real life, only to fight for their own will have a real pursuit, have their own way of life. Kenshin Language Two weeks has not fidget cube hands on been, we keep a full two weeks, is to want to catch the last invasion of our server that people. I know that if he she last accidentally disconnected, then I believe that soon after he she will once again patronize our server, of course, another prerequisite is that if the last he she is found We are tracking him, and under compelling circumstances to escape, then I believe, even if the wait for two months, non attribute network organization. Membership is unknown. After reading the information on the folder, the girl sighed heavily. Inadvertently looking up at the dark endless night sky, mouth muttered Why can not put down the burden Difficult is that I did wrong, if not that happened that good. Kim Sum, in the end is you Was it my fault The air flashing a crystal light, like the night sky in the fall of a meteor like bright holy Dark What happened Diablo messenger these days, according to the spy return, they are in the defense, whether to carry out appropriate attacks Dark No hurry, first look at say, another implementation of the X program, remember not to blame the people of the Red Union. Also note that the Black Sword every move, but can not act rashly. Hei hei messenger that personnel Dark Personnel I will arrange, and tomorrow to your staff information, and, that secret procedure to wait until compelled to use. Hei hei messenger know Boss Situation, it seems that the Red League is indeed true. Cold autumn side, said one side staring at the computer screen, his hands from time to time on the keyboard flying. This is the computer network I connected to the city yesterday, and now the virus began to attack, and the spread of faster than the last. Use my software it may be able to contain it. Jian Chen.

tand up Dark two can let them Dark What happened Heart of the Dark II No, I Dark Needless to say, things like this set down Boss, the other side suddenly fidget cube hands on no longer attacked, as if suddenly disappeared, there will be any conspiracy Small fire doubt Road. Lengqiu holding desk toy fidget cube sale the chin in the side, as if thinking about what, silence. We all stopped to have the same doubts and anxiety in mind. We are assured that the Black Sword, although not the most powerful, but it is invincible. Small fire appropriately called the channel, the sound loud, the word engraved in the presence of everyone s mind. Everyone seems to ignite the fighting spirit, all eyes flashed naked, self confident look back again to their body. Confidence is indeed a terrible power. At this point, the computer issued a drop sound. Everyone a, they will return to their own position, needless to say is THREEEYES issued a warning system, we all spontaneously sit back to their position, embattled. The final battle, it will start in the next moment. The other is clearly a foot friction enough strength, defense like iron in general. This time we fidget cube hands on still use Killer to attack. I decisively issued an order. Why boss Small fire doubt Road, around the cold autumn with that puzzled look at me. In fact, after an attack by the dark, they rar.he brow began to slightly Zou up. The room, the left stood a row of heavily armed soldiers, and it looks like the country fidget cube now this future s special forces, the right standing is four middle aged, sitting in the main hall and I had a side fidget cube official video of the National Security Bureau old man, Behind each stood two seemingly veterans of the characters, so I was surprised that the principal is actually the old man which, it seems that this is his true identity. Ouyang Kenshin Welcome back. National Security Bureau old man smiled at me, a pair of eyes from time to time showing a trace of naked, revealing the wisdom of which has endless. That s it I have no patience to listen to him McCain. The old man seems to me the reaction is expected to do, and did not reveal an accidental expression, but smiled and said I am now appointed you I6, rank two, directly under your captain to lead.That is, Your task in the future is assigned by the I1, including all the living expenses and bonuses, tasks after the completion of the report, this is your documents and logos. I took the old man handed the logo and documents, documents and the previous student card is almost, fidget cube hands on but previously that XXX low price fidget cube schools, is now marked the National Security Bureau is a special network of agents I6. Plus a picture of my one inch only. I did not look carefully, readily into the belt. did not find it Today, I went to the day I went to the top of the hill, still leaning on the tree, is still in the sunset, is fidget cube hands on still there in the nausea, the heart is still still thinking. Now I discovered that the original sunset is really beautiful, the United States was so intoxicated, just like her, so I can not extricate themselves intoxicated Why do I feel at that moment a kind of inexplicable pressure As if the kid who shares a sense of fear I do Is Is he the biggest natural enemy of my life Is that right But no matter what This plan, no one will stop, no one stopped it A teenager is sitting in front of the computer, muttered to himself, eyes full of self confidence and a trace of bitterness Can sit down A lukewarm sound came, I Lengle Leng, fidget cube hands on fidget cube hands on where few people generally come, but I nodded his head, inadvertently turned around and looked at me sitting next to the The boy, I was surprised, fidget cube hands on come, was actually he Zhang Yun. Cold killer Zhang Yun. Oh this troubled world is not changed, the original silence is abnormal, I became a lot of cheerful. Furthermore is the old man to the underground network college to me to take care of, and then is now the cold and abnormal juvenile actually take the initiative to talk to me, and sitting next to me. wry smile Have you e.

Fidget Cube Hands On verflow attack program, and I also monitor our server, while looking for x loopholes. They use the x is redhat carrying. Not the latest version. I know a loophole. But can not use can not say. I downloaded a version of each other using the softice x tracking although apache provides a source, but his loopholes from the source is not found. Because many loopholes in the B function is brought trying to find can be used Vulnerability. Mo Sheng and cold green has been using the DDOS attacks, although there is no big effect, but still contain a certain speed of each other. Evergreen also to help them in the cold autumn, but also back to help Mo wine wine morning, after all, evergreen for tracking, analysis of data comparison experts, after less than an hour, this method seems to overflow a little effect, but not obvious , From their face, and which also touched a lot of wall. One day in the past, no big progress, in addition to sleep and other trivial is, we eat are in this little space for the implementation of these two days, evergreen and cold autumn two non stop debugging program. Has been in tune, has been on the test. did not succeed. But after each test, their faces will be more of a joy. And I have been debugging x, more and more fascinated, but more and more clear. This vulnerability I have found, but how to us.cting born. I did not bother him, because it is people can see that he did not even a tear flow out, cheated those who are not good heart is the mentally ill. Old man see this trick does not work, they come up with killer Jien If you do not agree, I ll Black Sword immediately dissolved. I moved, my heart is actually not want this, but the principle told me that can not agree. The old man saw the killer stream is still no effect on me, they did not speak, the two eyes in this way the eyes, the difference is that my eyes are entangled with a joking look, but the old man is entangled with anger can not be exposed, but Helpless look. See, the two will be so confrontation. Hey Then I go. For a long while, the old man finally go, I finally exhaled breath, but things are often do not care when you trigger out. The old man said Hey Since you do not, then you want to see the girl I think you should also do not want to see. Sounds like he was talking to himself, but I stood around Can clearly hear. Quickly asked The old man, just now you say who , Quickly said ah I shook his hard micro hunchback s body. The old man finally could not help but beg for fidget cube hands on mercy Quick Quick stop, my bones more quickly shake you She does not say who the girl is She is the person you always wanted to see, but who you do not know where she is, who are.



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