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Fidget Cube Espa?ol ook under which there is no traces of the virus, but in case they still have to re test it. The virus, I think, and the cold autumn, it should be someone to target us.But the question is, who has such a great ability to compile such a powerful virus, he spread the virus is why I thought calmly. At this point, cold autumn came the words interrupted my thinking. Boss Found an anonymous letter. Open the letter at this time I do not worry about how the letter will be a virus, after all, as long as the formatting again on OK. Black Sword When you see this letter, you should be very fortunate to escape our virus infection, but this is just the beginning. As long as you obey our directive, that the virus catastrophe will end as you place. Otherwise, I believe you should get a greater gift , I wish you good luck. Dark of the Union Cold autumn, immediately sale fidget cube $19.9 check, this letter origin address. I decisively issued an order, promptly press the small fire after reading the letter impulse. NND What, even under the challenge to us the next book, then dare to come, I will call you no return Small fire angrily dropped a word out of the door. Boss Can not find the source address of the letter, which has hundreds of transit points, the system one by one analysis of tracking, and finally stopped in a region of Hubei, but later verified.nally arrived. Venue is not far from Nanjing, Nanjing, is also a very large building, the internal the seventeenth floor. Are you ready The speaker was a young instructor, and the sound was wandering back and forth in the empty room. There seemed to be a few more guys on the judges bench, and I saw one or two of them were two of the judges he had met in the last competition. At this point that the two old man seems to find that I was looking at them, eyes invariably look to me. I hurried to write aside the side of the eye, until they divert attention, only slightly relieved. I did not know how. Get through that a lot of the rules of the rules of the game and that what shit accounted for fidget cube espa?ol the introduction. I took a card to the specified location, the card inserted into a groove, a burst of familiar voice sounded, the sound is running the hard disk, the front of the screen began to open The participants are a large area of the country s fidget cube japan elite, the fidget cube nederland strength is not a small glimpse. I put away the heart of contempt, sitting in the side. The game is only one link the host has not scored its own machine, the host as much as possible to copy the information inside. Can be successfully copied out of the winner, can enter the next stage of the game. After I tried a few times, I concluded that this host is the system a.

ang Kenshin, you stop me I stood back to her, did not move. She rushed to me in front of aggressive, eyes staring at me and said Why do you ignore every day a person s appearance, do not you think it is cool you do not smug, you do not match There is not too arrogant, it will only make you feel even more disgusting Finished without turning back to leave. I stood there, quietly wondering what she had just words, arrogant, cool Maybe two years ago you could say that to me. Looking back away, I suddenly felt a good familiar with her back, familiar so I think she is Shen Hui, however, this time I can not think so much. Because fidget cube espa?ol the head has come another person. A man who is the same as me, but who is always antagonistic. If my door is not agents, then I will pay you this friend. Yang said. Unfortunately, we are agents, the agents of each other I calmly took his words said, there is no lack of tone in the smell of gunpowder. So, I want to be a notary way to beat my first strong opponent. He said this sentence when the mouth slightly to the mountain write write. What do you mean I had a strange feeling. This to you, hope you confidante of the disease effective. He took out an envelope and handed me Road. I took the envelope, opened a look, is Zhang drug formulations and use, the last line reads congenital heart disease we.rised. Hey Hey I have a name, do not you know At this point, behind the two silhouette slowly out of Road. It s them What Do not recognize me Is not it, only then for a short period of time you do not know me. One tall guy handsome boy smile came. Is that they, for a long time, I have forgotten how long, probably not a long time perhaps because of some reason, I feel as if separated by a long time. What is the feeling, I do not know even know what the words are not clear to express their feelings in mind. Long time no see Three big boys embraced together, revealing only reunion and deep friendship between partners. We marvel at each other. It turned out that the mysterious person is the soul of the sad song was actually two people, one is in front of the handsome boy who is and I was a rival song Yang, the other is to leave a multi day partner Wine Sword morning. Quietly listening to them not in this period of time, from the encounter to become friends, from the Concert and upgrade to become partners, but also the middle of the cookie is also a story to connect by something. If there is no computer this thing, we simply can not sit together as it is now, but also the computer to lead us to become friends as partners. Oh, right, how do you a person here Your girlfriend Yangge laughing. I shocked Leng, do not know ho.den in the network is rare, and very special, it can be said that the virus is very good, it is very good, Is a heterogeneous virus, of course, in order to figure out this thing, two or three machine scrapped. Small fire on the other side of the phone clamored. These days, the principal of the old man do not know is not the rise, and bought a fax machine to, but it does facilitate a lot. Soon, the facsimile of the output slowly introduced a piece of paper out, roughly looked, I can see that they really spent a lot of time inside, in front of me just looked at, until you see The last point, I can see that this fidget cube make noise must be a cold autumn view, because within the black sword, only he can such a delicate observation and judgment. Preliminary estimate of the virus itself is not much lethality, but its hidden in a strange function is extremely difficult to deal with this virus when the speed must be decided to give its fatal attack, can not procrastinate. It seems this is the so called virus intelligence I remember the last time the National Security Bureau also said the old man this matter, it seems really very difficult, that dark tissue really is powerful, even able to come up with this stuff, not simple ah BK6, congratulations to you back to the dark, your mission is to destroy the Chinese XX website server, including you.

Fidget Cube Espa?ol ten to these garbage, is not fidget cube espa?ol you provoke me boss angry, if true, then you will have such retribution is also a matter of course, do not think of retaliation for us. Oh I will heart to laugh I closed the computer, re foam a cup of coffee, sitting on a comfortable sofa. I drank a cup of coffee, I do not think it is bitter, but that it is sweet. Vol At this point, the heart not only felt as if something did not do like. Yes, I would like to go to the principal old man there. Although it is the off duty time, some teachers have almost gone back, but I believe the old man of the principal will not be so early to go back. I believe in my instincts. Slowly go in teaching and research myself, the principal of the old man s office is there. I calmly went to his office door, do not lightly knocked on the door. A burst of vigorous voice came Come in Door squeak ah The sound is opened. I bluntly went to the principal in front of the old man s desk, is still the piece of poker face, without the slightest emotional change. I want someone to go into the dormitory, that is, to grant him permission to enter my nest, he said. My words seem to the president of the old man is a strange thing, after all, he also know from my father that I do not like the lively place, and like a person alone, but now they put forward such a condition.bedient to the rules, I can only be in accordance with the provisions of the treaty to carry out punishment. Over time, they also began to behave. And I, also happy leisure, bent on studying the mind of another level of inspiration. Ever since I began to feel that I had broken into a password or password, I started to feel like a sixth sense. So I have recently been careful study of this extraordinary feeling. But it has not much progress, but also let fidget cube espa?ol me slowly realize that a special feeling, as if the spring bath in general, fidget cube espa?ol the world only I and the world. There is no restraint, no responsibility, easy to live. fidget cube 6-side Whenever I encounter some troublesome password needs to be cracked, that feeling will not move, my mind will suddenly appear a long list of characters. This string of characters is the password I need. I started to find this ability, I am very excited, but after a short time I will have a kind of consciousness, they can not rely too much on this ability does not belong to their own. fidget cube espa?ol So I made up my mind, in less than broken not to, I will not use this ability. Of course, I did not tell the matter to a few small fire brothers, after all, this thing is really difficult to use words and science to show, say even if they say, they fidget cube espa?ol do not believe, so I simply do not say. The road of life there are always many.



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