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Fidget Cube Amazon Prime asked the old man came running. Nothing. Tone with deep frustration and regret, there is a trace of a strong anger. In the end what happened I have just read the ward to Xiaohui, she in the end how You d talk. The old man seems excited than I am. Let me be quiet, I said indifferently. The old man. what s up Can you lend me a gun What do you want the gun to do I m useful Is not and Shen Hui have a relationship The old man a mention of the spirit, then nervous, and the firearms, that Xiaohui must be fierce and less. Do not say, you get the gun to borrow me. If completed, then left Sitting on that long lost hillside, and the head of the breeze, I know what they can not do now, can only be alone in this depression. Cigarette butts burned my hand, I felt that the original one is lit cigarette will have an end. Although in their own happy time, lonely, happy time or when it is lost accompanied by it. The phone rings. Hey My voice was a bit bleak. How, a person in the smoke boring smoke ah How to overcome the dark tissue is not happy The voice seems a bit familiar to each other, but who can not remember. who are you I hope for your coming in the night hope for impossible promises until the dawn to pay for all and the remnant of my heart alone sing for the soul to write the lament You are the mysterious person I was surp.ou can control the Red League of any troops, if you need to finished, a burst of open door The second chapter twenty third chapter challenge two Bully woke up and found himself already in the room, the bed is still there after the traces of tears, I smile a bit. Got up and shook his sore head, step out the door. At this point, Jian Chen is running to me, see I woke up, Lengle Leng, then resumed, quickly came to me The boss you can wake up, our server is unknown virus infection, and now small Fire and cold autumn is hosting the overall situation, you go to see it I know fidget cube amazon prime the seriousness fidget cube amazon prime of the situation, apart from anything else, caught a piece of clothing will go to the main control room. Ran fidget cube amazon prime to the door, a small fire they are still strong resistance and defense, the cold is also tracking the unknown fidget cube how to make side of the virus. See me, the two are very pleasantly surprised and full of hope. But it also contains the meaning of the slightest relationship. Boss, and now the virus has been flooded in the second server, the door of my standby server 3 has also been opened, the next step how to do Small fire gearing as if ready to go to a big fight. Virus name Dark Union, the specific source of infection I do not know, only know that somewhere in China, the virus infection speed, so far, 30 percent of the world s.

he most important thing is their main target not only the International Trade Building, but The world s major oil companies, the stock market, telecommunications and other hard to detect. And the implementation plan of time is just 2 00 now only five or six minutes. But when I send this message by fax to the principal of the old man when the accident happened Volume 15 Chapter XV Accident The latest news, the United Nations is prepared to give up with the international black terrorist organizations dark large scale fighting, and maintain a talk attitude, but the premise is that the dark organization must give up the conduct of large scale terrorist acts under the premise , The United Nations may make appropriate concessions. If it is possible in ten hours ago, but now too late, the dark organization is immortal king Blonde blue eyes of the young people burst bursts of naked, a few Sound gunshot, in front of the TV suddenly into a pile of scrap The United Nations has just announced that want to stop the war, and dark organizations want to reach an agreement, but I do not see any movement of the dark organization, but it does not seem to hesitate in this condition. Yes, but I will let the dark organization and the United Nations reached an agreement, but the cost is the need to put them in jail. I angrily Roa.can control the staff can be field. What fidget cube amazon prime about this mission This assignment will give you a new position after you complete the task, you can go now, this is the command of the head. I did not expect the dark organization even so cunning, but this is in my expected thing, but did not expect to let me destroy the XX site, although this task is not difficult, but this site is no special on the surface, secretly But it is one of the fidget cube amazon prime Red Union contact area, which is quite dark within the organization of fidget cube diy ROOM. The other party seems to know Red League to fidget cube amazon prime participate in this matter in general. This will not only test whether I am really BK6, but also can drag fidget cube amazon prime on a small part of Red League soldiers and horses. How to do Destroy it But does this really make the dark organization believe me Or do not do If so, simply entered the ROOM when it began to destroy here, but then lose their own is also something sooner or later, the same will make the Black Sword and Red Union suffer, and even annihilated, but also by the fake foreign devils fling in teeth. Imagine the fake foreign devils I will be a gas, holding the mouse s hand can not help but tight. I will not fail, I own to cheer. In the past to say this sentence may be considered arrogant, but this is a firm belief. Trespassing But it is nothing more and do not do it more si.e However, I did not think that I left soon after, my fidget cube amazon prime ward was surrounded by a group of people, and Shen Hui was surrounded in the middle of this group of people, the eyes reveal a trace of panic The first chapter twenty second chapter The whole room, suddenly became extremely quiet, not just quiet so simple, faint also seems to exudes an inexplicable pressure, right Is the momentum At this point, Shen Hui was dressed in a large gang of black suit surrounded by Han s, there is no trace of panic, but it reveals an worry that means. A burst of vigorous voice sounded, breaking the situation, in front of a few Han slowly to both sides of the move, let out a road, a middle aged slowly out of his eyes and saw a slight flash, without a trace Wrinkled face slightly with a firm look. A tall figure coupled with the body emanating from the momentum to prove that this person must be extraordinary. Father How is you Shen Hui cried. Can not conceal the surprise has been revealed in the face. The middle aged awe inspiring You have enough, now with me back Sound is not, but no kind of intimacy with an imposing momentum mixed People can not help but called a cold war. Shen Hui uncomfortable took a step begged No I do not go back Father beg you to let me stay here for a while She knows the father s temper is always o.

Fidget Cube Amazon Prime ten to these garbage, is not you provoke me boss angry, if true, then you will have such retribution is also a matter of course, do not think of retaliation for us. Oh I will heart to laugh I closed the computer, re foam a cup of coffee, sitting on a comfortable sofa. I drank a cup of coffee, I do not think it is bitter, but that it is sweet. Vol At this point, the heart not only felt as if something did fidget cube how to use not do like. Yes, I would like to go to the principal old fidget cube amazon prime man there. Although it is the off duty time, some teachers have almost gone back, but I believe the old man of the principal will not be so early to go back. I believe in my instincts. Slowly go in teaching and research myself, the principal of the old man s office is there. I calmly went to his office door, do not lightly knocked on the fidget cube amazon prime door. A burst of vigorous voice came Come in Door squeak ah The sound is opened. I bluntly went to the principal in front of the old man s desk, is still the piece of poker face, without the slightest emotional change. I want someone to go into the dormitory, that is, to grant him permission to enter my nest, he said. My words seem to the president of the old man is a strange thing, after all, he also know from my father that I do not like the lively place, and like a person alone, but now they put forward such a condition.hose who were out of the field to be eliminated, leaving me alone. Slumped sitting position, I win it Ha ha Really funny Do people throw in the towel even if I win This is simply an insult. I thought. Ignoring the judges will be able to enter the next phase of the piece of the card passed to me, walked straight toward the door slowly. Did not leave a word. At this point, the computer s data is still beating in the non stop, because no one operation, so it is still beating, but this time no one has to ignore this, we are silent. Indeed, this is a pity. The next race is a week later. Since I went back, they began to stay alone, and no one said a word, sometimes Shen Hui called me, and I still use a variety of unreasonable reasons prevarication in the past, I know she is not Happy, but I can not fit that thing. Originally, I can ask the principal to the old man with my laptop, but I did not do so, perhaps do not like to do it, just a person to stay, quietly recalling all that time, I made a mistake is it Or what other reasons I did not think again, got up a cup of coffee, thick coffee aroma filled with a hint of mood, my heart began to relax, voices have been immersed in this deep mood. Do not know how, every time with this coffee contact, my mood will relax a lot, some trouble will be solved. Perhaps because of this.



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