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Fidget Cube Alternative confidence is not the kind of confidence that year, which also mature a lot, know what a mountain is also higher than a mountain. So have confidence at the same time also secretly vigilant. I fidget cube alternative rarely write before the virus program, of course, now I am, but now I am not the past, so now it is also handy to write these things Damn, this is what, how so difficult A girl complained the sound came. Accompanied by, is the sound of non stop tap on the keyboard. Even so, but the face of her computer screen is still not restored to normal state. A Qiaolian also appears livid, but still can not conceal her original beautiful appearance. A closer look, surprise that she was missing two years of the chapter Shen Hui Finally able to give him her a lesson, ha ha Really happy Small fire laughed at the side. Yes ah Boss, now how to do Jian Chen also meet Road. I got up and said lazily, but can not conceal the kind of happy heart of fresh strength. I write the virus and fidget cube alternative the ordinary virus is indeed somewhat different, it is actually a control of the virus, the exact point is that I control the virus to attack, control the spread of the virus, infection, much like remote control video games. So fidget cube alternative I started in his her fall into my trap, I will be the lead turtle into the urn is particularly confident. Drink a cup of The blue eye of the middle aged finally come, but the opening is confusing. Uh fidget cube noise Can I Leng Leng said. That please you come with me That middle aged man will not head back then walked forward, I froze a moment, slowly followed in the back, the heart has been a lump, seems to have a The sound told me not to follow him away, but the curiosity of me, still with the up. Less than ten minutes, an old Sri Lanka limousine parked in front of me, the blue eye of the middle aged gentleman is very open the door, motioned a word, I did not speak, because I do not know that What, heart is thump thump of acceleration beating. Into the car. I have a kind of sheep into the tiger s mouth feeling, it seems that this is a conspiracy, the middle aged man also came with me. The car was large, but I felt like I was sitting in a cell. Tightened clothes, so I did not speak, the middle aged man has spoken Your son is not looking for and your collusion of people ah Oh You do not have to find, they go to sleep, and later will not Out What I Jing Road. Oh, rest assured Come, look at a video you like to watch it I think that the protagonist inside you should know Odd sound full of my ears, the body s pores have all been erected up. Concentrated look at the car sitting on the back of the 8 inch small screen gradually open T.

fidget cube adhd Small hackers boss I got it I will contact you Small fire know it Boss Well off down. Take good, boss There are a lot of friends I do not know how to bid farewell to me. I smiled to leave the chat room. Think of the future can not often touch old man , and not tight a little lonely. Can be I see the small fire said the notice, his face can not help but reveal a rare smile. This kid, how to set the home page of someone else, if others check up, but also that we want them and afternoon it sweat Notice you refuse me to lis.

Fidget Cube Alternative t the target from suspicious, hum This reason does fidget cube alternative not hold. Flawed, had wanted to refute his sentence, but then think about it will forget. In my carrying bags, slowly walked into the classroom, do not care about the eyes of a pair of bright eyes around, from the DPRK s own position to go, a toss bag, fell down and sleep. It is a pig, the one to sleep Sarcastic sound came around faintly. But tired of the body forced me to continue to add energy, not long after, they have lost consciousness. But did not last long, a burst of deafening loud I will be from the deep sleep hard pull back to reality. Wake up after me, a look of calm, staring at the perpetrators, that is, my desk. Please do not bother me to sleep, or at your peril, I said, word by word. Cold tone diminished, she seems to be this cold cold words really startled the startled, and so regain consciousness, I have once again into the dream of being. What a great, great sleep Time is always fast, when I woke up, already after school, the classroom is also not much left, I am stunned that the girl is still around, but also a look find you afterwards Staring at me. And the same style as in the past, do not bother her, pretending to do nothing do not know the way to pack their own things big step toward the door. Is about to cross out of the moment, she cried Ouy.station on this quiet road. The old man gave me the task really is not an easy, it seems this kid a little tricky. I slowly from the back not far from an alley to come out, cold staring at my Yang Song carrying my song. I can feel the kind of fanatical, computer obsessed kind of obsession that comes out fidget cube alternative of him. He fidget cube now this slowly turned around, a pair of sharp eyes without fear of staring fidget cube alternative at me, did not avoid the look. Well, who sent you Why did you watch me You have done, you should fidget cube alternative know. I guess, the old man must think he was offended, so I asked him to monitor him, so it moved as a tentative sentence. Well He looked a bit surprised, but then immediately resumed, You know what I did not care for him, Gu Zizhao direction of the school. While walking to the side of the small stone kicking feet, it seems to have started in the network this piece. Hey, you kicked me A silvery voice came, interrupting my thoughts. is her That girl sitting next to me, how could such a coincidence For a time the brain fan of a trace of absurd ideas, but then I was immediately erased, because my mind is hidden in another one I miss the most girls in the figure. Reason told me not to have that idea. Smile a bit to move forward, met with a few faces like a girl is not that I am bothering, or I Shen Hui is not their own imagination so miss, hi H.



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