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Big Sale Fidget Cube Toy lthough the appearance is still the same as the original, but hidden in the heart of love has been sinking, leaving only the melancholy body. The environment on campus can be said and the garbage than some, but this is not important to me, and now I am on this big sale fidget cube toy school is only the equivalent of a holiday, to forget the sadness of the heart only. Less than ten minutes away, in front of the scene does not tighten my heart twitch a bit, a broken can no longer break the teaching building show in my eyes. Perhaps it can not be said to show, it should be said that there fishes. Building was particularly desolate, as if two or three years did not live extraordinary. The old man came up and said Come This is just a cover only, the following is the real teaching building , Then he went straight to a corner, do not know where the problem a bit, just listen to a H Muffled sound, a tunnel in front of me, I was not very surprised, but also a kind of inexplicable curiosity wandering in my heart. The old man came over and looked at me laughed how Surprised Is there a lot of problems in my heart Go, to the following you know you want to know Then he went to the tunnel. Followed me, watching the white hair around the wall mind a little silence, which in the end what is the place According to my intuition, it must be a national levele, any wind raging my hair. Eyes drifting to the distant sunset, the mind has been echoed with the old man said that two sentences. I was too persistent or she could not let go big sale fidget cube toy of the hearts of the yoke I remember the last time I met her in the street to lie to the situation, we all like the song Life has you. Is this fate Or because of what I do not believe there is a fate of this thing, but I believe now, and her encounter in the moment I believe that the world really there is a strange thing it is called fate. Also, and the side of the three brother s retreat, perhaps it can be called fate it That in the end I was to go or not Escape is not the best choice, some things, if you do not fight, do not face it, then you will be a coward, you will regret for a lifetime. This is the old man said, do I really is a coward Point of a cigarette, I do not know when he started pumping on the side of people do not know, smoke ring with my big mouth spit out slowly in my sight Volume 35 Chapter 35 Network agents Think about it, perhaps the old man said yes, some things must be to face, to avoid a moment, can not hide a lifetime. However, although the mind so think, but the action is not the slightest agreement. Wandering alone in the streets, surrounded by pedestrians, coming and going, mixed with the noise and cries. Eye.

Where are you going Asked the voice. Go out and walk. Girl back to lightly. On both sides of the road or as usual as bustling. Suddenly, a sad sad song came, she went to find the sound, is a homeless, while playing the guitar, while singing. Is a life has you, she seemed to think of a person, stare to stop and listen. Memory flows like a tide Because you dream of leaving I woke up from big sale fidget cube toy crying See the breeze blowing through the windowsill Can you feel my love Wait until the old day Are you still with me One end, she woke up from the memories, his face I do not know when I have been hanging two drops of tears, wipe tears, gently walked to the open guitar jacket, put down a hundred dollar bills, but she put down Money, but also have the other hand down a hundred dollar bills. They are Lengle Leng, then, invariably turned around. If a person you miss day, suddenly one day in front of you, how do you feel What is the feeling excitement Excited Or lonely She did not speak, but a look of surprise at me, I too, but there is a hint of sadness intersection. The brain is a blank, is her Really is her A long while. The most recent okay I spoke, the discourse revealed a hint of concern, perhaps the excitement big sale fidget cube toy of it, say the sound a little trembling. Well big sale fidget cube toy She recovered from the surprised, lig.l childhood In a solemn and heavy courtroom, a pair of conspicuous couples were nervously watching the little boy sitting in the dock, the boy should look only 8,9 years old, But stood big sale fidget cube toy in the dock seemed a bit regardless of class. At this time, a burst of solemn voice to break the boring atmosphere. The defendant Ouyang Kenshin in 2XXXX year X month X. On suspicion of an invasion of the International League of the world s central computer, and steal important documents by the jury agreed that the defendant Ouyang Jianxin guilty of theft of state secrets. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, but because of their serious attitude and young age, reduced to seven years. Immediately Is the juvenile labor camp, where the first jail it Also ask readers to forgive 2XXXX years The world legal system has begun to change, full 8 year old juvenile circumstances are serious enough to reform into the juvenile labor camp When the judge finished the last sentence, the young couple in the woman actually fainted in the past, the male side of the woman s care, while shouting the boy s name, but can not stop the two police life and life will be He took away, waiting for him will be a long prison career That s right That little boy is me, I grew up in the United States, but I know I am a Chinese. I was 4 years old to know t.uan or love Can not take two steps but was called back Hey, how do you like this, you give me stand She seemed a little angry, small plug to help drums. Proud face at this time seems to have seemed to have a silk of the Department. But this big sale fidget cube toy time the mind will never fade the figure but again emerge. I coldly threw a sentence SORRY, go first Leave a look of shock she left in place. Huan Ouyang Kenshin, one day I will let you look down on me heavy Waiting to see Faint echo floating in this quiet morning fidget cube uk ebay air, listening to this slightly Resentant voice, I Wry smile thought If you can, I hope this thing will not happen The old man, I give me with a computer, easy to use I use. As the network is organized by the National Security Administration to dominate, although the incident occurred by the captain is responsible for, but in the material Dominated or controlled by the National Security Bureau, which is what I came to the old man to the computer the direct cause. Oh What Now seems to have not started using this stuff ah How He found Asked the old man puzzled. Well I Menheng the sound, unable to sit back on the chair. A pair of eyes full of determination and a trace of excitement. Well, that you go The old man did not have a profound meaning to look at me, handed out a box Road. I know how to do it, but I want t.

Big Sale Fidget Cube Toy asked the old man came running. Nothing. Tone with deep frustration and regret, there is a trace of a strong anger. In the end what happened I have just read the ward to Xiaohui, she in the end how You d talk. The old man seems excited than big sale fidget cube toy I am. Let me be quiet, I said indifferently. The old man. what s up Can you lend me a gun What do you want the gun to do I m useful Is not and Shen Hui have a relationship The old man a mention of the spirit, then nervous, and the firearms, that Xiaohui must be fierce and less. Do not say, you get the gun to borrow me. If completed, then left Sitting on that long lost hillside, and the head of the breeze, I know what they can not do now, can only be alone in this depression. Cigarette butts burned my hand, I felt that the original one is lit cigarette will have an end. Although in their own happy time, lonely, happy time or when it is lost accompanied by it. The phone rings. Hey My voice was a bit big sale fidget cube toy bleak. How, a person in the smoke boring smoke ah How to overcome the dark tissue is not happy The voice fidget cube unboxing seems a bit familiar to each other, but who can not remember. who are you I hope for your coming in the night hope for impossible promises until the dawn to pay for all and the remnant of my heart alone sing for the soul to write the lament You are the mysterious person I was surp.e speaker. Came together is a seemingly ordinary juvenile, but this is only ordinary people of his evaluation only. Over the ears of the hair to shine down to a uniform, a casual wear, shoulder carrying a backpack, eyes leisurely in the students wanton floating, closed lips, revealing a trace of random and cold. People do not dare to face with him as the. This person is me Ouyang Kenshin. Wow Cool cool ah A female whispered cried, Minmin You say he is not cool ah Cut Adjacent to the boys together uttered contempt. And that the girl is called Min Min has never raised his head, who transferred a student stands. Kenshin Tell us about yourself, said the young female teacher. Everyone, I am Ouyang Jianxin, please take care of. Speaking at the same time I have been watching everyone here. Captain arranged for me to study in 3 3 class is not without the purpose, the biggest advantage is the target Yang song in this class to study, so the surveillance is relatively easy. Well, Kim Sum, your seat is there I should be carrying the backpack down the podium, big sale fidget cube toy my table is a girl. Nothing special, but very serious in reading, I did not disturb her, sit straight position, over time between the two people will have a tacit understanding, a kind of well do not make river potential. Sui also on my task a little less unnecessary troub.



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